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Academic Consideration - Policy 167

Academic Consideration (e.g., extended assignment deadlines, make-up assessments) may be requested on the basis of Extenuating Circumstances (such as health or compassion), and must be supported by a properly completed documentation such as a Toronto Metropolitan University  (PDF file) Student Health Certificate.

Note: Procedures section 2.4.1. Health documentation: Students must submit a fully completed Toronto Metropolitan Health Certificate, or a signed letter by an appropriate regulated health professional on their letterhead containing full information required by the health certificate for the applicable period of time. The portion of the Toronto Metropolitan Health Certificate containing the student signature must be attached. The documentation should explain the duration of the health condition and the impact of the health condition on the student’s ability to perform during that period. 

The instructor and/or the Teaching Department reserve the right to verify the authenticity of any health certificates submitted.

Requests for Academic Consideration must be submitted to the teaching department for verification via the on-line ACR system.  Students are required to follow up with the instructor(s) for each request for Academic Consideration in order to ensure requests are accepted and makeup opportunities can be provided.