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Senate Learning and Teaching Committee (SLTC)

Terms of Reference

  • To advise Senate on select university-wide issues through the lens of learning and teaching;
  • To initiate, as required, activities that address specific issues; and
  • To develop and make academic policy recommendations for the consideration of Senate.


Senate shall consider, each year, a list of members as detailed below.  Senate may approve or reject the list in its entirety, but may not alter the list.

  • The Vice-Provost, Academic who shall serve as chair;
  • The Vice-President Equity and Community Inclusion or designate;
  • The Vice-Provost and Dean, Yeates School of Graduate Studies or designate;
  • The Vice-Provost, Students or designate;
  • The Executive Director, Centre for Excellence in Learning and Teaching (non-voting);
  • The Secretary of Senate (non-voting);
  • One faculty member from each Faculty, nominated by the Dean of their respective Faculty;
  • One Chang School Program Director, nominated by the Dean of the Chang School;
  • One Librarian nominated by the Chief Librarian;
  • One member of the Aboriginal Education Council, nominated by the Council;
  • Two undergraduate students, selected by the Vice-Provost Academic, from a pool created by one nomination from each academic Dean;
  • One graduate student nominated by the Vice-Provost and Dean, Yeates School of Graduate Studies;
  • One continuing education student, nominated by the Dean of the Chang School; and
  • such other non-voting associates as the committee may request to attend.  


The SLTC reports directly to Senate regarding its regular business.  It directs to the AGPC recommendations regarding policy changes or changes to its terms of reference or composition.