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Scholarly Research and Creative Activity Committee (SRCAC)

As per Senate Bylaw #1:

6.4.1. Composition:

There shall be ex officio members, and members selected in accordance with the provisions of Article 3.3 as follows: the Vice President Research and Innovation (VPRI), who shall serve as Chair; the Associate Vice President Research and Innovation (AVPRI) who shall be Vice Chair of the Committee one (1) faculty member from each Faculty, at least two (2) of whom are Senators; the Vice-Provost and Dean, Yeates School of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies or designate; one (1) Dean / Dean of Libraries elected by and from the Deans and Dean of Libraries; the Chair, Research Ethics Board or a designated faculty member of the REB; one (1) Associate Dean Research (or equivalent) from each Faculty; one (1) Associate Dean of Libraries; one (1) Librarian, not necessarily a Senator; one (1) graduate student, not necessarily a Senator; one (1) student Senator elected by and from all undergraduate and law student Senators in accordance with Article; the Secretary of Senate (non-voting); and such other non-voting Associates as the Committee may, from time to time, designate.

6.4.2. Terms of Reference: to examine and report annually to Senate regarding the state of SRC activity at Toronto Metropolitan and upon issues regarding SRC activity that are likely to arise; to establish a sub-committee, the SRC Leaders’ Group, consisting of the VPRI, the AVPRI, the Associate Deans Research (or equivalent) from each teaching Faculty, the Associate Dean Graduate Studies, and the Associate Dean of Libraries, which shall: develop its own terms of reference to be approved by the SRCAC; provide input regarding SRC activity into the academic and strategic planning process; and provide input to the VPRI and the SRCA Committee on the funding of SRC activity generally, and specifically with regard to procedures affecting SRC activity, and the internal allocation of funds intended to enhance SRC activity; to advise Senate on existing and emerging trends in research funding, and on government policies and priorities relevant to SRC activity at Toronto Metropolitan; to review, and report to Senate on, the extent to which SRC activity informs, and is integrated into, opportunities for student experiential learning, the innovation ecosystem, and the undergraduate and graduate curriculum; and in coordination with the Academic Governance and Policy Committee (AGPC), to recommend to Senate, when necessary, the establishment of policies to promote, support and regulate SRC activity involving Toronto Metropolitan, and to review any such existing policies.