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Awards and Ceremonials Committee (AWCC)

As per Senate Bylaw #1: (opens in new window) 

6.6.1. Composition: the Provost and Vice President Academic, who shall serve as chair; the Vice-Provost and Dean, Yeates School of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies; one (1) tenured faculty member, not necessarily a Senator, from each Faculty, nominated by the Deans of their respective Faculties; one (1) Chair/Director/Dean/Associate Dean from each Faculty, nominated by the Deans of their respective Faculties, at least one of whom must be a Chair/Director; two (2) Program Directors from the Chang School, nominated by the Dean of the Chang School; two (2) student Senators, selected from undergraduate and law student Senators pursuant to Article; one (1) graduate student Senator, selected pursuant to Article; one (1) representative from the University’s Alumni the Registrar (non-voting); the Director, Convocation and Awards (non-voting); the Secretary of Senate (non-voting).

6.6.2. Terms of Reference: to approve, on behalf of Senate, the award of graduate and undergraduate degrees and certificates, Honorary Doctorate degrees and various medals and awards for excellence; to recommend to Senate, via the SPC (which includes both President and Provost), policies and procedures respecting the awarding of, as well as the ceremonies associated with, the awarding of degrees, certificates, medals, and other marks of academic achievement.

6.6.3. Reporting:

The AWCC reports directly to Senate regarding its regular business. It directs to the SPC recommendations regarding policy changes or changes to its terms of reference or composition.