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Student Code of Non-Academic Conduct Appeals

Non-Academic Conduct 

The Senate Appeals Committee (SAC) hears appeals of interim measures which include: an extension of a suspension and decisions and/or sanctions assigned by the ExecutiveDirector, Student Affairs or Vice-Provost, Students where the assigned sanctions include:

  • restitution over $500,
  • de-enrollment,
  • limitations to future enrollment, NDS, NDW, or expulsion.

Non-Academic Conduct appeals of findings and/or sanctions must be submitted within ten (10) business days of the decision letter being issued.

Appeals of the interim measure of the extension of suspension can be submitted any time after the suspension has been extended beyond the initial ten (10) business days.

Students are responsible for ensuring that a formal appeal is submitted by the deadline dates published in the significant dates calendar, and must adhere to the timelines established in Policy 61: Student Code of Non-Academic Conduct.

Students are responsible for reviewing all pertinent information prior to the submission of a formal Non-Academic Conduct appeal. Incomplete appeals may not be accepted. Appeals for Non-Academic Conduct, must be submitted complete via email to

The University is responsible for dealing with student appeals fairly and must adhere to the timelines established in this policy. Students should refer to University significant dates for timelines found at TMU Calendars and Student guides and by referring to the  Senate website  for detailed information on the necessary documents such as appeal forms, health certificate forms and procedural instructions. 

Senate level appeals for Non-Academic conduct should be submitted via email to