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Policy 167: Academic Consideration effective Spring/Summer 2023

Starting May 1, 2023, the university will no longer offer the use of a special COVID-19 category in the online Academic Consideration Request (ACR) system. 

Students will still be able to make an academic consideration request without documentation once per term, except in the case of final exams and final assessments. The system will continue to automatically monitor submissions and if a student has already submitted an ACR without documentation for the term, further attempts to do so will be restricted. Students who have exceeded their one time per term ACR without documentation will be asked to submit documentation for any additional requests.

The option to select COVID-19 will remain under “extenuating circumstances” in case of future need to track these requests. If a student submitting an ACR opts to use their “one-time-only” no documentation option for these requests, all future ACR requests in the same semester will fall under the parameters outlined in  (PDF file) Policy 167, Procedures section 2.5.3 (opens in new window) .

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