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Retail School Council

Your School Council is comprised of both faculty and student representatives from each year of the B.Comm program and is tasked with reviewing academic matters and school policies.  (*Note if you are looking for the course union, please see the Retail Students' Association. (external link, opens in new window) )

Roles & Responsibilities

The undergraduate School Council of the Ted Rogers School of Retail Management (TRSRM) is responsible for academic policy and procedure recommendations pertaining to undergraduate education and offerings in TRSRM in a manner which is consistent with the policies and procedures of the University. The approval of policies and procedures that have a significant impact on the School must be conducted in consultation with all School stakeholders and the Dean of the Ted Rogers School of Management (TRSM) before implementation.

The School Council of TRSRM may recommend policies and procedures with university-wide implications. However, the endorsement of the Dean, TRSM, is required before submission to any governing body beyond the program department.

The School Council of TRSRM may report directly to the Senate on issues of specific interest to the School, and/or on matters of general interest.

The School Council may also contribute to fostering two way communication between the student body (i.e. beyond student representatives) and the Director, faculty and staff. Annual objectives will be established at the initial meeting each year.

The School Council may revoke or amend the objectives by a majority vote at any time. However, proposed changes must be forwarded to Council members one week prior to the next meeting of the Council to allow for an adequate review period.

 (PDF file) Download the School Council Bylaws (.pdf)