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Advisory Council

Recruitment Process for New Members

The purpose of the Program Advisory Council (PAC) is provide the Ted Rogers School of Retail Management with a connection to the business community in a variety of ways to ensure that the School is guided by societal need. The PAC’s role is to 

  • Provide expert advice to the school and its programs related to matters of curriculum, program review, brand reputation, technology and trends in the sector
  • Assist the program as an external liaison, acting as ambassadors in promoting the School to the broader community
  • Support the school in the recruitment of students and in the placement of students upon graduation
  • Where appropriate, provide advice on and participate in fundraising and the securing of resources
  • By leveraging the unique strengths of academic and industry leaders, co-create mutually beneficial programs and initiatives to advance the retail industry
  • Provide value to members through meaningful personal engagement initiatives

Please complete the application form (external link, opens in new window)  if you are interested in joining the advisory council.

Current Members