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Responsible Artificial Intelligence (RAI) is a six-year multidisciplinary, multi-sector training initiative to build sustainable connections, research, training and knowledge capacity and a pipeline of highly qualified trainees in Canada’s fastest-growing knowledge economy sector. RAI is part of the NSERC Collaborative Research and Training Experience (CREATE) (external link)  program.

Areas of Thematic Research

AI Ethics By Design

Due to AI’s vast influence, getting AI ethics right is a moral and business imperative. AI ethics by design research will systematically focus on capturing and modelling biases and fairness in AI applications to achieve this goal.

Privacy-enhanced Analytics

Building AI trustworthiness is essential for broad AI implementation. The goals of privacy-enhanced analytics research include privacy-preserving and confidentiality-aware data collection, sharing and model building.

AI Accountability

AI applications development must take into consideration their global impact. AI accountability research uses computational models of compliance and fact-checking, verification and interpretability as essential measurement tools.