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How to program a better tomorrow: Harnessing disruptive technologies
Innovation Issue 38: Summer 2023

Message from the Vice-President, Research and Innovation

Message from the Vice-President, Research and Innovation

In this age of disruption, advances in quantum and AI technology are rapidly changing the way we live, work and communicate, but these advances also need to be met with new innovations in cybersecurity and regulation. Across Toronto Metropolitan University (TMU), our researchers are inventing tools and applications to make our lives more enriched, more efficient and more protected. What was once considered science fiction is now our reality.

In this edition of Innovation, we highlight TMU researchers on the leading edge of research and creation at the intersection of quantum technology, artificial intelligence and cybersecurity. Their work addresses the critical needs facing society today while harnessing the power of disruptive technology to devise future-forward solutions.

Read on as we dive into cybersecurity for the quantum age by examining the roles technology and organizations play in maintaining our privacy and security now and for the future. We also explore the many untapped uses of AI, from detecting cancer with quantum sensors, to composing music, to creating interactive digital avatars of ourselves. 

I hope you enjoy this issue of Innovation.

Steven N. Liss, PhD
Vice-President, Research and Innovation

Toronto Metropolitan University's Vice-President, Research and Innovation, Steven N. Liss, stands smiling with the university's urban campus behind him.