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People, planet, prosperity: Working together towards a sustainable future
Innovation Issue 35: Fall 2021

Message from the Vice-President, Research and Innovation

Message from the Vice-President, Research and Innovation

The future of our planet depends on our society’s ability to adopt more sustainable approaches. More than ever before, we are seeing the devastating impacts of the climate crisis as extreme weather events increase around the world, including heatwaves, wildfires, floods and hurricanes. 


The resulting economic and societal repercussions are far reaching. They can be felt in the communities fighting environmental injustice and households struggling with rising grocery prices and insurance costs. A shift to greener practices is no longer optional. At Ryerson, we are creating evidence-based solutions and initiating real-world transformation in order to rise to these challenges.

In this edition of Innovation, we highlight some of the pioneering work undertaken by Ryerson researchers that is helping to drive sustainable change. Collaboration is key to much of the research featured in these articles, demonstrating how strategic partnerships can contribute to developing sustainable social, physical and technological innovations. 

Our researchers are creating the next generation of clean technologies and processes that will lower emissions and save resources. They are describing the extent and the range that contaminants, including radioactive materials and flame retardants, are present in soil and water, highlighting the significance, impact and consequences on a continuing problem affecting the environment and health of ecosystems. Some are examining what policies can help to guide positive change while others are working with communities and coalitions for political and environmental justice. All are raising awareness of our past and working to help shape a more sustainable future. 

Serving societal need is at the core of Ryerson’s research mission. Across disciplines, our faculty, students and alumni are staying true to this mission as they work collectively to build a better world for us all.

I hope you enjoy this issue of Innovation.

Steven N. Liss, PhD
Vice-President, Research and Innovation

Steven N. Liss, PhD, Vice President, Research & Innovation at Ryerson University