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Greener, more sustainable ice-making goal of NSERC-funded TMU research

July 06, 2023
Headshots of TMU professors Stefania Impellizzeri, Claire Oswald and Roxana Suehring

Toronto Metropolitan University professors Stefania Impellizzeri, Claire Oswald and Roxana Suehring will work with Jet Ice on a project supported by the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada’s Alliance grant program.

A Toronto Metropolitan University (TMU) researcher’s project to develop evidence-driven best practices for the ice-making industry has received support through the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada’s (NSERC) Alliance grant program. The NSERC Alliance program supports innovative, collaborative research initiatives. 

Chemistry and biology professor Stefania Impellizzeri and her TMU co-investigators, geography professor Claire Oswald and chemistry and biology professor Roxana Suehring, will work with Jet Ice, a leader in the ice-making industry, to establish a scientific approach to more sustainable, environmentally friendly ice creation and management. This project, “Towards Greener Ice: A Collaborative Study on the Chemical Characterization of Hockey Ice and Meltwater to Inform Ice Rink Management,” is valued at $393,000. It will build on professor Impellizzeri’s already-established collaboration with the company, launched by the creation of the Jet Ice Research Chair in Sustainable Materials Chemistry at Toronto Metropolitan University, of which she is the inaugural chair. 

“With this particular grant, the core of it is to develop science- and evidence-based practices for water management and ice-making and maintenance,” said professor Impellizzeri. The team will create a “playbook” encompassing the best materials, technologies and methodologies to apply in the ice-making industry. They will explore several aspects of ice-making in the creation of these modern, best practice guidelines, including water purification and recycling, reducing consumption, determining if ice logos or equipment cause contaminants to leach into the meltwater and more.

“Jet Ice is extremely happy with this collaboration with TMU researchers. This support will expand our research into how we can make improvements in the ice sports industry. As ‘We Bring Ice to Life’ we hope this study will help improve our impact on the environment for generations to come,” said Jet Ice’s Chief Operating Officer Greg Taylor.

“Collaboration is critical for advancing innovation, and this research will bring real-world, evidence-based solutions to rinks across the country, enabling Canadians to enjoy more sustainable ice sports. Congratulations to professor Impellizzeri and her team on this funding success,” said Steven N. Liss, TMU’s vice-president, research and innovation. 

Learn more about the NSERC Alliance program (external link) .

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