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New Frontiers in Research Fund grant supports research to inform a more sustainable and equitable future

May 02, 2023
Pedestrians cross a street in downtown Toronto while other people board a streetcar in the background.

A Toronto Metropolitan University (TMU) researcher has secured a grant through the New Frontiers in Research Fund (NFRF), which supports research focused on post-pandemic recovery.  

Geography professor Claus Rinner from the Faculty of Arts has secured $500,000 in funding through a NFRF Special Call as part of an international research effort addressing the social and economic inequities around the world that have been intensified by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The project, led by professor Rinner, will focus on two main research questions. The first is how communities can be better engaged in decision-making during future emergencies, benefiting social cohesion and inclusivity. The second will examine how governments can effectively communicate, build trust and promote cooperation with local communities. Professor Rinner’s interdisciplinary and international team of collaborators will develop case studies about interventions made to manage the COVID-19 pandemic, using a critical social science lens to understand the inequitable impacts resulting from the global health crisis. The project’s findings will help inform future policymakers. 

“This funding offers vital support for navigating post-pandemic recovery and understanding how to create a more equitable and sustainable future to the benefit of all,” said Steven N. Liss, TMU’s vice-president, research and innovation. “Congratulations to professor Rinner and his collaborators on their success.” 

Learn more about the New Frontiers in Research Fund grant results (external link) .