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Drop In Recreation

Poster displaying information for the drop-in Learn-To Sports program

New! Learn To Play Sports 

The Learn To Play Sports is a new addition to the Drop-in Recreation program and NO REGISTRATION is required.

Learn To Sports is built for students is a beginner friendly program where we teach the rules and practice skills of basketball, soccer, and volleyball. The sessions will have drills, learn about the rules and nuances of the game, and a scrimmage. We want you all to have fun while getting active!

If you want to learn how to play sports or want to improve your skills, this is the program for you!

The program will run twice over six days in the Winter 2024 semester see the schedule below.


Learn To Sports: Basketball

Learn To Sports: Soccer

Learn To Sports: Volleyball 

First Session

Date: Mon, Jan 29

Time: 1pm-3pm 

Space: Kerr Hall (Upper) Gymnasium

Date: Tues, Jan 30

Time: 1pm-3pm 

Space: RAC 1

Date: Fri, Feb 2

Time: 1pm-3pm 

Space: Kerr Hall (Upper) Gymnasium

Second Session

Date: Mon, Mar 11

Time: 10am-12pm 

Space: RAC 1

Date: Tues, Mar 12

Time: 10am-12pm 

Space: RAC 1

Date: Fri, Mar 15

Time: 10am-12pm

Space: RAC 1

Drop-in Recreation

Three students enjoy a casual game of basketball.

The Drop-In Recreation Program values all aspects of a student’s life, health, and wellbeing. By participating in the Drop-In Recreation programming, you can enjoy a break from your academics and reap the benefits of incorporating movement into your daily life.

We offer a variety of sports and activities, as well as Women’s Only times. Our focus on building community shines through our engaged supervisors and programming. All programs are:

  • Open to TMU students and RAC / MAC Members
  • No registration is required!
  • Open Recreation are times that a space is open to drop in and play whatever you like on a first-come, first-serve basis.

What to Expect at Drop-In Rec

We have four formats offered to ensure everyone can have the experience they’re looking for:

  • Traditional Drop-in Rec.  for anyone who wants casual gameplay. 
  • Facilitated Play for anyone looking for a structured game experience. 
  • Learn To Sports for anyone looking to learn how to play a new sport.
  • Women's Only Drop-in for anyone who identifies as a woman.

Experience level does not matter! Everyone is welcome to join - see the table below for more on the difference between Facilitated, Traditional Drop-In Rec, and Learn To Sports.

Drop-in Rec - Facilitated Drop-in Rec - Recreational
  • Scorekept and/or time kept 
  • Drop-in and put your name on a team by yourself or with friends
  • Maximum of 2 consecutive games played to enable more participation
  • Exactly like traditional drop-in recreation
  • Self-organized
  • Participants are encouraged to follow the same rotation rules as in facilitated drop-in