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Welcome to Toronto Metropolitan University

Here you will find a place focused on its community and its city, committed to innovation and fostering a campus culture of entrepreneurship in its many forms.  

Toronto Metropolitan University’s mission is to make an impact on our economy and society. We state proudly that our diverse and inclusive university community continually challenges the status quo, in search of solutions for a better world.

Our aim is to be a global destination of choice for original thinkers, innovators and partners, dreamers and people of action. I hope you will join us.

Students walking by the Student Learning Centre at night
The Office of the President

The President is the Chief Executive Officer of the university and provides academic and administrative leadership and direction for the university. Responsibilities include:

  • Promote and inspire the university’s mission for the advancement of applied knowledge and research to address societal needs;
  • Support institutional excellence academically, administratively, and financially by ensuring an interactive and consultative communication and planning process;
  • Enhance and build on the profile and reputation of the institution, and communicate a vision to internal and external stakeholders;
  • Proactively advance equity, diversity and inclusion in research, teaching, scholarship, policies and procedures, opportunities and activities, and the overall culture of the university;
  • Serve as an ex-officio member of the Board of Governors and as Chair of Senate

The President is also the Vice-Chancellor of the university.

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Latest News

A busy intersection with cars and people in downtown Toronto

Our new chapter begins now 

To be metropolitan is to be defined by big city life – the diversity of its cultures, the density of its landscape, and the creativity bred by the proximity of so many people. Here, in this place, collaboration runs deep. 

From its earliest days, this has been a site of gathering, an area in which knowledge has been communicated between peoples. And so we continue this commitment to share ideas as we shape the future with research, scholarship and creativity. Our students carry this forward, with ingenuity, entrepreneurship and an unwavering sense of social responsibility.