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Graduate Studies

Physics graduate students working in the lab.

Downtown Toronto
Interdisciplinary opportunities in Canada’s top city for technology, health sciences and industry

Complex Systems Field
One of North America’s first universities to offer graduate-level Complex Systems field

Research-Rich Environment
State-of-the art facilities, collaborative partnerships, research-intensive faculty

CAMPEP Accredited
Toronto’s only CAMPEP-accredited program, and industry-recognized pathway to medical physics residency

As a graduate student at Toronto Metropolitan University, you can pursue a master’s or PhD degree in Physics within one of three field specializations. We have a recognized reputation for excellence in biomedical physics, and are one of few universities in Ontario to also offer a CAMPEP accredited field, leading to residency in related subspecialties.

We’re also one of the first schools in North America to offer a graduate-level program in the emerging field of Complex Systems. This exciting, rapidly expanding field offers physicists many possible career directions across a broad range of interdisciplinary areas.

Humza Nusrat

“As a graduate student, you are made to feel like a colleague working with very smart people to solve real-world problems. I have felt cared for and valued here.” – Humza Nusrat

Graduate Research Highlights


"I think the next [21st] century will be the century of complexity."

Stephen W. Hawking