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Michael Milona

Jeta Mulaj

Assistant Professor
EducationBA (Villanova University); MA (DePaul University); PhD (DePaul University)
Areas of ExpertiseFeminist Philosophy, Queer Theory, Social and Political Philosophy, Marxism, Critical Theory, Decolonial Theory, Eastern European Philosophy, Psychoanalysis

Selected Publications

“Classed Bodies: Judith Butler’s Materialism.” Judith Butler and Marxism: The Radical Feminism of Performativity, Vulnerability, and Care (Rowman & Littlefield). Forthcoming.

“Letters of Blood and Fire: Silvia Federici on the Crisis of Capitalism.” Symposium. Forthcoming.

“The Dark Side of Decolonial Theory: The East of Western Europe.” Decolonial Manual (Punctum Books). Forthcoming.

“World-Travelling to the Servants’ Quarters: The Pseudo-Concreteness of Lugones’ Decolonial Feminism.” (external link)  Hypatia.

“Ontology as Ideology: A Critique of Butler’s Theory of Precariousness.” (external link)  Constellations.           

“Kosova: A Note from the Wreckage of Anti-Imperialism.” Continental Thought & Theory.

“What is Immanent Critique? Recovering Marcuse’s Critical Theory of Society,” The Marcusean Mind, ed. Eduardo Altheman, Jina Fast, Nicole K. Mayberry, and Sid Simpson (Routledge). Forthcoming.

“Creolization’s Newness: The Dialectic of Novelty and Sameness,” (external link)  Creolizing Critical Theory, ed. Kris Sealey and Benjamin P. Davis (Rowman & Littlefield).

“A Critique of Queer Phenomenology: Gender and the Sexual,” Studies in Gender and Sexuality 20 (3): 189-203.

Selected Talks and Presentations

“The Politics of Disruption: Adorno and Benjamin on Emancipatory Praxis,” Philosophy and Social Science, Prague, 2024

“Can Women Reproduce Humans? A Critique of Reproductive Labor Theory,” Critical Theory Conference, Rome, 2024

“Immanent Critique: Critical Theory and Marxism,” Rochester University, 2024

“The Emergence of the Fragmented Subject in Capitalism and Feminism,” Continental Philosophy Research Group, University of Toronto, 2024

“Rosa Luxemburg and the Critique of Capitalism,” Luxemburg Symposium, Society for Women of Ideas, Toronto, 2024

“A Feminist Critique of the Fragmented Subject,” Stony Brook University, 2024

“Imperialism, the Balkans, and Decolonial Theory,” Deparochializing Political Theory, Jackman Humanities Institute, University of Toronto, 2024

“Balkanization and the Racial Order,” The Race, Ethics, and Power Project, University of Toronto, 2023

“Reproductive Crisis: Federici on Female Labor in Capitalism,” Society for Italian Philosophy, Society Phenomenology and Existential Philosophy Conference, Toronto Metropolitan University. 2023

“Progress Toward Hell: Reclaiming Stability with Benjamin and Adorno,” Grinnell College, 2022