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Elizabeth Trott

Elizabeth (Betty) Trott

Professor (Retired)
EducationB.A., M.A. (Toronto); Ph.D. (Waterloo); B.Ed, OSSTC (Toronto)

Research Interests

Social and political philosophy; Human rights, race, and multiculturalism; Aesthetics; Philosophy of literature, film and culture; Kant, Hegel and the 19th century; MetaphysicsSelected Publications & Presentations:

Recent Publications

2021 “New Perspectives in Canadian Philosophy”, Guest Editors' Introduction (with Robert Timko and Janet Wesselius) to a special issue entitled New Perspectives in Canadian Philosophy, American Review of Canadian Studies, Vol. 51, no. 3, Sept. 365-377.

2020 "Multiculturalism as a Discourse of Disguise: A Possible Canadian Solution", Minorities in Canada: Intercultural Investigations (Special issue of Collection Károli), Károli Gáspár University, 11-38.
2020 “Charles De Koninck, John Leslie, and the Conceptual Parameters of Science.”  Idealist Alternatives to Materialist Philosophies of Science, ed., Philip MacEwen. Brill, Leiden, The Netherlands, 164-194.                                 

2019 “Canadian Philosophy: A Dialectical Exploration,” American Review of Canadian Studies, vol. 49, no. 1, March 2019, 187-195.

2019 “Education: The Practice, the Product, the Missing Link,” Maritain Studies, vol. XXXV, 45-59.

2018 “Early Canadian Political Culture: Hegelian Adaptations in John Watson,” Hegel and Canada, Eds. Susan M. Dodd, Neil G. Robertson, University of Toronto Press, Toronto, 163-197.                           

2017  “Philosophy as Story-Telling,” URAM, Vol., 35, nos. 3, 4 (2012), 190-203.

2016 "Idealism and Ethics: GWF Hegel and Leslie Armour"  Philosophy, Culture and Tradition, Vol. 11, 93-107.

2015 “Introduction” and “Postscript” to four Symposium papers on Marshall McLuhan and Northrop Frye, URAM 

Sept-Dec, 2011, published 2015, 184-190, 267. "Leslie Armour: Idealist, Metaphysician, Philosopher of Community, Friend" Collingwood and Idealist Studies, 21:1, 2015, 1-23. (co-author William Sweet) "Is Religious and Political Art Really Art?" Maritain Studies, Vol. XXIX, 3-14.

2012 "Kant's Legacy, Murder as Art" URAM, Vol. 32, no 2,3,4, 2009, issued 2012. "Freedom of Speech and Political Correctness," Science and Esprit, 64/2,  179-193.

2011 “The Evolving Absolute,” Science and Esprit, 63/1, 1-18. "Charles De Koninck (1906-1965) "Canada's Eminent Philosopher of Nature" URAM, Vol. 31, no 4 2008, issued 2011, 241-259.   

2007 “Saving the Wilderness: When Beauty is Not Enough.” Maritain Studies, Vol. XXIII, 53-63.

2006 “T. H. Green, Democracy and Education”, co author Darin Nesbitt, Paideusis, Vol.15,  no. 2, 61-78.

2005 “Canada, the Caribbean and Multiculturalism: Dialectical Reasoning and Common Ground,” Southern Journal of Canadian Studies, Vol.1, no. 1, 83-95.    

Entries on Canadian philosophers in the Thoemmes Dictionary of Modern American Philosophers, ed. John Shook, and in the Thoemmes Dictionary ofTwentieth Century British Philosophers, ed., Stuart Brown. 


Recent Presentations

2017 "Introducing Canadian Philosophy", President’s Keynote Address URAM, U of T, Aug. 3.

2016 "The Self, The Individual, and Educational Paradoxes", Jacques Maritain Society St Paul University, Ottawa, Oct. 29.           

2015 "A Tribute to Leslie Armour"  Keynote Address at Dominican College of Philosophy and Theology, Ottawa, November, 30. “Philosophy as Story Telling”, URAM conference, University of Toronto, Aug5-8 “Fred Wilson, FH Bradley and Relations”, URAM conference, U of T, Aug 5-8 "Idealism and Ethics",  Jacques Maritain Association, University of Ottawa, May 30.31. 

2014 "The Metaphors of Selves", Jacques Maritain Association, Brock University, May 28-30.

2013 "The Self, The Individual and The Person" conference on Idealist theories of the Self, Manchester College, Oxford University, August 27-30.

Ryerson's 7th annual Philosophy Symposium


Ryerson's 8th annual Philosophy Symposium