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In April 2022, the university announced our new name of Toronto Metropolitan University, which will be adopted in a phased approach. We encourage students, faculty and staff to utilize the resources provided, in order to provide context in your communications and drive to the next chapter website for further information. For consistency, it is important to use the approved resources and terminology with the internal and external community.

For downloadable brand resources, please go to the TMU Brand website.

Ryerson-branded materials

Each department at the university is taking stock of the Ryerson-branded items used and distributed in our work and developing plans for how best to manage the transition to our new name. 

The Branded Materials Transition Project is an initiative to prioritize opportunities to upcycle, reuse or recycle Ryerson-branded materials, including merchandise, apparel, stationery and keepsakes for example.

Land acknowledgements

One of the recommendations was to consider a new university protocol for land acknowledgements. As this protocol is reviewed, community members are encouraged to access resources about land acknowledgements and may continue to use the existing statement.


As further materials are developed to provide educational resources about Egerton Ryerson, the university history and Indigenous history, community members can access the currently available resources.

Email signature

Use of the name, Toronto Metropolitan University, in the title/credentials section of your signature should be updated to reflect the new name and one of two options in parenthesis: (Formerly Ryerson University) or (Recently renamed). A note can be added below the contact information that provides context and links to the Next Chapter website.

Please copy and paste the email signature example below. Edit with your personal information and save to complete the set-up.

Learn how to create an email signature (external link) . Full name (pronouns)
Title, Department
Toronto Metropolitan University (Formerly Ryerson University) or (Recently renamed)
416-444-4444 ext. 444444

In April 2022, the university announced our new name of Toronto Metropolitan University, which will be implemented in a phased approach. Learn more about our next chapter.

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Standing Strong Task Force

Our Next Chapter was initiated in response to the community-informed Standing Strong Task Force report and recommendations. The materials below outline the process, resources, findings and recommendations that are guiding the work underway.