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Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

Name change

Our new name is Toronto Metropolitan University.

Located in the heart of Canada’s biggest and most diverse city, Toronto Metropolitan University represents all that it is to be metropolitan. This is where diverse people, cultures, ideas, beliefs and lived experiences come together, just like the very city we call home. A university where we create and explore new ways of thinking, doing and being, so that we can make a positive impact on the world around us. 

After broad community engagement and extensive research, the university’s Standing Strong (Mash Koh Wee Kah Pooh Win) Task Force recommended that the university be renamed to better reflect our institutional values. 

The recommendation to rename was not based on a vilification of Egerton Ryerson but instead was based on the understanding that a new name is necessary to create a more inclusive campus culture and environment. 

The goal of renaming our university is to unify our community with a single name that aligns with our values and aspirations.

This is an opportunity to recommit ourselves to our mission and values and we look to the future with renewed optimism. 

The university has always adapted to reflect its social context. As the city and its communities have evolved, so has the university.

Following the Board of Governors' August 2021 decision to accept the Standing Strong Task Force recommendations, President Lachemi announced our commitment to determining a new name by the end of the 2021/22 academic year. To reach this goal, the University Renaming Advisory Committee (URAC) was established. 

In April 2022, the URAC concluded their community and expert informed process and submitted a shortlist of possible names for President Lachemi’s consideration. After careful deliberation, one of the names was recommended to the Board of Governors for approval. 

For more information on the renaming process, please visit the Next Chapter Renaming Process webpage. 

While it might be easy to conceive of renaming as a popularity contest, it is in fact a deliberate process involving community engagement and thorough research. A lot had to be considered and weighed in this renaming.  

For more information about the renaming process, please visit the Next Chapter Renaming Process webpage.

The transition to the new name will happen in phases. Some university materials will change immediately, while other initiatives will take more time. For example, changes to webpages and social media handles can happen relatively quickly, while other changes, such as external signage on-campus buildings and amendments to legal documents, including degrees, will take longer. 

While the university will immediately register the new name, allowing us to operate under it, the PDF fileRyerson University Act will need to be amended by the Government of Ontario (a timeline that is out of the university’s control) before the new name can be reflected on legal documents issued by the university, including degrees.

The Ryerson name will still appear across campus for a period of time. We will work diligently to make changes while aiming to balance our financial resources, human resources and responsibility to the environment.  

Our new name is not about changing or erasing our history. Our values have long defined who we are and will always guide where we are going. Our new name builds upon these values, and our 73 years of excellence and achievement. It is a name that unifies all of us - a name that can allow all of our community members a place where they belong. 

History cannot be changed. However, our understanding of and access to historic information can change as research, society and aspirations change.

Our university is taking action to demonstrate our commitment to innovation and progress. By changing our name we are reflecting our values and our understanding of those values at this moment in time and we are making history. 

The university also recognizes the responsibility to educate community members about the PDF filelife and legacy of Egerton Ryerson, Indigenous history, and Indigenous and colonial relations.

It will take time for the broader community to become familiar with our new name. 

If you would like to reference the renaming in external communications, please use this format: 

Toronto Metropolitan University (formerly Ryerson University) OR (recently renamed)

For more information, please review these resources.

Changing the name of the university does not change your experience as a member of the community or your accomplishments at the institution. Students, faculty, staff and alumni celebrate the institution and remember their experiences at the university by wearing branded merchandise. “Ryerson University” will always be a part of our story and acknowledging one’s nostalgia for their own experience by wearing and/or keeping branded merchandise is the personal choice of each community member.

One of the Standing Strong Task Force recommendations is to reconsider Eggy the mascot given the ties to Egerton Ryerson. 

Following the decision on the new name of the university, the review and consultation related to the mascot will proceed. More information on this process will be shared as it becomes available.


Absolutely! Your hard-earned degree remains an accomplishment to celebrate and a credential worthy of promotion. The changing of the name of the university does not change your experience. For the last 73 years, the faculty and staff at the university have worked hard to provide an exceptional educational experience for students. The university's programs and graduates are recognized internationally for their innovative and career-ready approach. Potential employers will continue to recognize your degree for what it says about your skills, training and expertise, regardless of the name change. 

Alumni prior to 2022 will have two options regarding the award documents for their degrees, diplomas and certificates:

1) Keep your existing parchments that reflect the university name when you graduated, or
2) Once the name has been legally changed, request a reissue that will bear the new name.

Until the PDF fileRyerson University Act is amended by legislation (a process outside of the university’s control), all legally issued documents, including both new and reissued parchments, can only reflect the name “Ryerson University.” 

When the legal name change does take effect, those who would like their graduation award document (parchment) reissued with the new name will be able to request one. The instructions for making that request will be updated on the Curriculum Advising website. As is the case for all parchment reissue requests, standard printing and shipping fees will apply.  

Please note that once the university’s name is legally changed, replacement degrees with the name ‘Ryerson University’ will NOT be issued. Anyone wishing to replace a lost or damaged original degree with a reissue bearing the name Ryerson University must order it before the Ryerson University Act is changed.

The university has collaborated with LinkedIn to offer those who graduated prior to the renaming with the option to use either Ryerson University or the new university name when listing their education. For current alumni, Ryerson will be the default under their school information, but LinkedIn members will be able to switch manually to the new name a few days following the announcement. Further instructions will follow on the steps required to make this manual update.

Standing Strong Task Force

The Standing Strong (Mash Koh Wee Kah Pooh Win) Task Force was appointed by President Lachemi in November 2020 to conduct a necessary exploration into both our namesake’s life and legacy and the role of commemoration in our University community.

The University is grateful for the work of the Standing Strong (Mash Koh Wee Kah Pooh Win) Task Force who worked diligently over 10 months (from November 2020 - August 2021) to provide clear recommendations on how the university can move forward and create the next chapter in our history. 

The Task Force’s report has 22 recommendations, including the recommendation for the University to rename the institution. Other recommendations are to share materials to recognize the legacy of Egerton Ryerson, and provide opportunities for learning about Indigenous history and Indigenous and colonial relations, plus much more.

Everyone is encouraged to read the full report.

The University’s Board of Governors has accepted all Task Force recommendations.

On January 31, 2022, the Next Chapter Action Plan was released. While this action plan is a living document that will adjust, strengthen and respond to the evolving needs of our community over time, it will remain aligned with our institutional values and our commitment to being bold, inclusive, dedicated to excellence, collaborative and sustainable.

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