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Naming Policy

To successfully implement the Standing Strong Task Force recommendations, the TMU community is invited to share feedback on naming and brand stewardship policies.

In August 2021, the Standing Strong Task Force’s (SSTF) final report included 22 recommendations that are guiding the university through changes across campus. In addition to the task force’s specific policy development recommendation, additional new policies are necessary to support the success of other recommendations. Two such policies, a naming policy and a brand stewardship policy have been drafted and are open to review and feedback from the community until April 26, 2023.

Naming policy

The SSTF recommended the development of a policy and accompanying procedures to provide guidelines and clarify responsibilities for decision-making related to commemoration. While there is a notable difference between commemorative naming and benefactor naming, there is a need for overarching consideration and coordination across both kinds of naming. Therefore, the drafted policy and procedures apply to all relevant namings, de-namings, and re-namings of university assets including, but not limited to, physical spaces, programs, positions and awards.

Key points

The naming policy will:

  • uphold the principles of commemoration as outlined in the Standing Strong Task Force Report and Recommendations;
  • define and distinguish between commemorative naming and benefactor naming;
  • provide transparency of naming-related decision-making processes; and
  • establish a naming review committee that is responsible for determining any required consultation process for commemorative naming proposals.

Brand stewardship policy

With the SSTF’s recommendation to change the university’s name, the department of University Relations recognized the need for greater brand consistency. A brand policy has been drafted to protect and uphold the image and reputation of the university. This policy will guide the creation and use of university brand properties, and establish governance to support a professional and distinctive image for the university.  

Key points

The brand policy will:

  • guide all staff, students and faculty of the university in their development and use of the university brand;
  • protect and uphold the image and reputation of the university; and
  • ensure that usage of a brand reflects graphic standards and guidelines established by the university.

How to provide feedback

Until April 26, 2023 all community members are invited to submit feedback, guidance and questions about either of the drafted policies through this Google Form (external link) .