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How to Select a Minor for Graduation

If you are an undergraduate student at Toronto Metropolitan University (TMU) who wishes to be considered for graduation with a minor, you must first apply to graduate, and then add the minor to your record. See also How to Apply to Graduate.

Important: Depending on the program or plan that you are taking, there may be restrictions on the minor you can select. For information of minors and their restrictions, see the Curriculum Advising website.

You can access the Select a Minor menu option through the Academic Records tile on your student home page.

Academic Records tile highlighted on RAMSS Student Homepage
  1. Click the Select Minor menu option.

    Select Minor menu option highlighted on Academics page
  2. Click on the Academic Program for which you want to select a minor.

    Academic Program highlighted on Add a Minor page
  3. Click Search icon beside Minor.

    The search box beside the Minor option, highlighted

    This window shows a list of minors that you can select. You can sort the list by clicking on the column heading that you want to sort by. Although all TMU Minors are listed, you might not meet their criteria. Please refer to the Minors Policy in the calendar for details.

    A list of minors that can be selected
  4. Click anywhere on the row for the Minor you want to select and it will populate in the minor field.

    A minor populated in the minor field after is has been selected
  5. You may select up to three minors by clicking Search icon beside each minor field (optional).

    Two additional empty minor fields highlighted to show you can select a maximum of three minors

    You should select all the minors you intend to graduate with at one time. If you do not qualify for a selected minor, it will be removed when your record is reviewed for graduation.

  6. Click Continue once you have selected all minors.

    All three minor fields populated with minors
  7. Verify that you have the correct Academic Program and Minor. To change the Minor, click the Select Different Minor button.

    Select a Different Minor button highlighted on the Add a Minor page
  8. If the information shown is correct, click Submit Application.

    Submit Application button highlighted on Add a Minor page
  9. Review and print/screenshot your confirmation.

    Submit Confirmation message after submitting application
  10. Verify your minor by selecting My Program from the menu options.

    My Program page with the new minor(s) listed

    If you are found to be ineligible to graduate with a minor, it will be removed from your record. Your eligibility to graduate from your degree program will be assessed separately.