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How to Change My Plan or Major

Plan/major changes are completed if you are looking to make changes to your plan/major within your current program. For example, changing from the Business Management - Human Resources plan to the Business Management - Marketing plan.

Before attempting to change your plan/major, please check your program information to find out if and when you must complete this process.

For programs with specific plan requirements, you will be notified by your program department after winter grading if you do not meet your plan's criteria.

Depending on your program, you may be only permitted to make one plan/major change through your MyServiceHub account. For any further plan/major changes, you must submit a Plan Change Form to your program department.

You can access the Change Plan/Major menu option through the Academic Records tile on your student home page.

Highlighted 'Academic Records' tile in RAMSS homepage menu
  1. View your current Plan/Major. Your Program is shown on the right-hand side of this page. If you have not chosen your Plan/Major yet, it will show as Undeclared.

    Undeclared major listed in My Program menu, if you have not yet chosen a plan or major.

  2. Click the Change Plan/Major menu item.

    Change Plan/Major highlighted in Academics main menu.

  3. Click the Academic Program for which you wish to change the Plan/Major.

    Change Plan/Major page with link to academic program

    If you are not eligible to change your Plan/Major at this time, you will see a message to this effect on this page:

    Change Plan/Major page with message of ineligibility to change plan/major

  4. Click Search icon beside Plan/Major.

    Change Plan/Major page with lookup tool highlighted

    This shows the plans available to your program. You can select a plan by clicking the name of the plan.

  5. Click on the link for the plan that you want to select and click Continue.

    Change Plan/Major page with a major selected in lookup tool and Continue button highlighted

  6. Verify that the new plan/major is correct. If the plan/major is not correct, click Select Different Major.

    Plan/major verification with Select Different Major button highlighted

  7. Click Submit Application.

    Plan/major verification with Submit Application button highlighted

  8. Review your Change Plan/Major confirmation.

    Submission confirmation message after submitting change of plan/major

  9. Click the My Program menu option to see the new Major you selected.

    My Program menu option with new major displayed.

  10. If you wish to change your plan/major again, you must consult your program department for assistance.

Additional Resources

Three students on Nelson Mandela Walk, surrounded by autumn trees.

Plan Change Form

If you are unable to change your plan through your MyServiceHub account, please consult with your program department prior to submitting a Plan Change Form to them for approval.

Once your request has been approved and processed, you will be able to verify the plan change on your unofficial transcript in your Student Centre in MyServiceHub.