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The BIPOC Award


Due Date: August 31, 2023



The MEIE BIPOC Award aims to provide support to students who identify as Black, Indigenous, and/or a person of colour and have demonstrated their proficiency in using emerging technologies, such as the Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Big Data Science (DS), and more, to solve community problems. This award is intended to promote innovation and societal change by removing systemic barriers to education from those who intend to make a societal impact. 

This scholarship seeks to empower bright individuals from these communities and help them further their academic and professional goals. 



There are two awards issued this academic year (2023/2024). The scholarship is valued at $20,000 and distributed over 4 terms of the program ($5,000 per term). 



The recipient will be announced in September 2023. This award will be applied towards the recipient’s tuition, renewable every term for a maximum of 4 terms, under the condition that the recipient maintains the first-class grade point average (min A-, or 3.67/4.33) in each term.



To be eligible for this award, you must:

  • Must identify as Black, Indigenous, and/or a person of colour
  • Have accepted the offer into the MEIE program and paid the deposit
  • Have achieved a minimum of A-/3.67 GPA in the last two years of study before joining the MEIE program.
  • Have identified a problem that would require a new innovation to address it
  • Have the technical expertise needed to reduce this new innovation to practice



An online application demonstrates the problem the student is trying to solve, the novelty in the proposed solution and the applicant's knowledge of the identified emerging technologies.

  1. The community problem addressed is clearly articulated - 30%
  2. Experience in the core technology needed for solving the problem  - 20%
  3. Potential to contribute to the class (work experience & extracurricular activities)  - 10%
  4. Experience in generating social change - 10%
  5. Academic standing - 30%



  1. What community problem are you passionate about solving? Why is this problem significant? Why does this problem exist? Why are current alternatives not working?  - 500 words 
  2. What work, field, personal, and/or extracurricular experience do you possess that may contribute to solving this problem and the Master of Engineering Innovation and Entrepreneurship program (peers, group projects, classes, etc.) - 500 words 
  3. What is your proposed solution to solving the problem addressed above? What technology-based work and/or field experience do you possess that may contribute to solving the community problem listed above? - 500 words 
  4. How have you contributed to your local community? Describe any past volunteer or community experience. - 300 words