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Academic Support and Accommodations

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Academic Support

Lincoln Alexander School of Law provides academic success programming to students throughout their JD degree, with a specific focus on helping students transition into the unfamiliar and nuanced environment of law school.

Law School Power Hours

The Power Hours are hour-long sessions that cover a wide range of topics that will help students find success in law school. They feature practitioners and upper-year students sharing their skills, experience, and advice on how to find academic success. These sessions cover a wide range of topics ranging from “How to Read a Legal Case”, to “How to Prepare for Law School Exams”. Current students are requested to see the D2L - Student Engagement & Experience page for further details.

Linc Lawcast

The Linc Lawcast is a podcast that provides a rare opportunity for students to get insight on what specific course professors and instructors look for in their classroom, in assignments and on exams before starting law school. Students can listen to the Linc Lawcast episodes at any time, whether they find it to be most useful before the start of the school year or as a reminder.

Academic Accommodations and Academic Consideration Requests

The Academic Accommodation Support (AAS) is Toronto Metropolitan University’s disability services office. AAS works confidentially and directly with incoming and returning students that live with temporary or permanent disabilities impacting their academic functioning.

Students eligible for academic accommodation support have singular or multiple disabilities such as learning disabilities, sensory impairments, acquired brain injuries, ADHD, and mental health, medical, and mobility issues. AAS works with students to create and implement individualized academic accommodation plans so that students can more fully participate in their studies. AAS works with any student that requires academic accommodations, regardless of program or course load.

Academic Consideration may be requested on the basis of extenuating circumstances, and must be supported by properly completed documentation. To learn more, please visit Policy 167: Academic Consideration.

If you are a law student requiring accommodation please contact Academic Accommodation Support (AAS) as soon as possible to assist with your academic planning and needs.