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Academic Support and Accommodations

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Academic Support

Lincoln Alexander School of Law provides academic support to first-year students through specific programing focusing on easing new law studenting into the challenging work environment of law school. These sessions are known as Law School 101: Sessions and cover a wide range of topics such as case reading, note taking, summary building, and exam preparation. 

All first year students also have the option to attend a weekly practitioner lead study group. The study group brings together legal experts to provide further guidance and insight on assignments and class topics. 


Academic Accommodation Support

The Academic Accommodation Support (AAS) is Toronto Metropolitan University‚Äôs disability services office. AAS works confidentially and directly with incoming and returning students that live with temporary or permanent disabilities impacting their academic functioning. 

Students eligible for academic accommodation support have singular or multiple disabilities such as learning disabilities, sensory impairments, acquired brain injuries, ADHD, and mental health, medical, and mobility issues. 

AAS works with students to create and implement individualized academic accommodation plans so that students can more fully participate in their studies. AAS works with any student that requires academic accommodations, regardless of program or course load.

If you are a law student requiring accommodation please contact AAS as soon as possible to assist with your academic planning and needs. More details can be found at Academic Accommodation Support.