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Lincoln Alexander School of Law's statement in response to the Open Letter

October 23, 2023

Last Friday, a collection of individual students at Toronto Metropolitan University’s Lincoln Alexander School of Law posted an open letter to the law school’s administration. 

The Lincoln Alexander School of Law did not issue, endorse or condone this letter. We unequivocally condemn the sentiments of Antisemitism and intolerance expressed in this message.

The letter does not represent the views of our law school or the many students, faculty, staff and community members that are committed to upholding our values of inclusivity, dignity, and respect. Statements that seek to promote or justify violence directly contravene these values. 

The Lincoln Alexander School of Law was created on a foundation of inclusion and a commitment to care for each other and the communities we serve. As educators and members of the legal community, we maintain our support for Israeli and Palestinian statehood and we stand with those who advocate for a peaceful, sustainable de-escalation and resolution of the conflict.  

The law school acknowledges the immense pain and damage that this letter has caused. We expect our students, staff and faculty to engage in civil discourse that supports human rights, upholds the rule of law, and promotes understanding while being mindful of the core principles of freedom of expression. The law school does not tolerate Antisemitism, Islamophobia or statements that promote violence, terrorism, discrimination, racism, and hate. All TMU community members are expected to act in accordance with university policies including the Student Code of Conduct and the Discrimination and Harassment Prevention Policy. These policies reflect the values that foster a safe and respectful educational environment as well as the principles of fairness and due process.

Our students, faculty, staff and supporters have taken a thoughtful and intentional approach to building a diverse, equitable, and inclusive community, which honours the legacy of our namesake, The Honourable Lincoln Alexander. We are incredibly grateful to the legal community for the support they have extended to us. Our hope is that we can move forward in a way that upholds the values of our law school, fulfills our duty to the public, and embraces our shared humanity.