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Welcome to Lincoln Alexander Law's Career Development & Professional Placement Office (CDPPO)

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Our innovative Integrated Practice Curriculum (IPC) provides law students with practical skills across a number of areas of law. With these skills, our students will be equipped to add immediate value to your firm when they join your team. Each semester, students participate in intensive skill-building sessions, and participate in practice-based activities in each course to hone their expertise.

Professional Placement Program

The Professional Placement Program is a component of the Lincoln Alexander School of Law’s Integrated Practice Curriculum (IPC), which is one of three approved Law Society of Ontario’s experiential training pathways for lawyer licensing.

As part of the three-year JD program, our students are required to complete a 15-week professional placement in Ontario. The professional placement can take place as part of the fall or winter term in their third year.  

The professional placement is a great opportunity for employers to work with law students who are on the leading edge of the profession. Students have the same rights of appearance and responsibilities as articling students.  

Leanne Shafir
Leanne Shafir

Director, Career Development and Professional Placement

What do our students bring to the table?

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Practical Skills

Our students will draft pleadings, conduct practical research, review shareholder agreements, support client consultations, assist in contract negotiations, argue motions, problem-solve and more.

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Innovative and Tech Savvy

Our students understand the business side of lawyering, essential emotional and cultural competencies, coding, and contemporary technological practices. 

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Diversity of Experiences

Our students encompass a diverse range of professional, educational, and cultural backgrounds and lived experiences.

How to Get Started

To provide an eligible professional placement, the supervising lawyer MUST fulfill the following requirements:

  • be in good standing with the Law Society of Ontario (LSO);
  • possess three full years of practice experience in Ontario; and
  • not supervise more than two lawyer-licensing candidates simultaneously.

The professional placement must also take place in Ontario.

CDPPO Portal & Contact Details

If you are interested in offering a professional placement or hiring a Lincoln Alexander Law student, please register/log into the CDPPO Portal (external link) .

Once registered, we will review and post your professional placement opportunity so that our students can apply.

If you have a question or would like to reach out generally, please email us at:

Professional Placement Program FAQs

Professional Placement (IPC) Students have the same rights of appearance and responsibilities as Articling Students and LPP Candidates. Tasks you can assign include: drafting documents, conducting research, attending court, meeting with clients, file management etc.

Professional Placements are encouraged to be paid but can also be unpaid or stipend. The employer determines the rate of compensation but if you have questions, we are happy to help.

The Professional Placement is 15-weeks in length. It is at your discretion and the student’s agreement as to whether they will continue working outside of the Professional Placement term either in a full-time or part-time capacity. Continued supervision is required.

Our office will contact you directly to receive feedback on the student’s performance. Students will also be required to complete any course assignments.

Lincoln Alexander Law will monitor the Professional Placement and conduct check-ins with students and employers during the 15-week term. We are also here to provide any additional support as needed.

Professional Placements must be full-time (minimum of 35 hours/week) and 15-weeks in length.

The Professional Placement must take place in the province of Ontario. It also must be, to the extent possible, in-person unless otherwise authorized by the Lincoln Alexander School of Law, and/or due to public health advisories.


An employer can hire multiple students; however, each supervising lawyer cannot supervise more than two lawyer licensing candidates simultaneously.

Hiring for Fall, Winter and Spring/Summer Professional Placements roughly starts from November to April every year. Hiring occurs on a rolling basis, you may interview candidates once your posting closes. The sooner you post, the sooner you can hire.

Once you have selected an Lincoln Alexander Law student, the student will be responsible for communicating this to our office and submitting the required documentation.

Yes, the 1-hour online training for supervising lawyers is required to help ensure a successful placement for both the supervising lawyer and student.

Yes. Please see the LSO website (external link)  for additional information.