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Dissertation, Thesis and Exams

Embodying the results of your research program

Your dissertation, thesis, or major research paper (MRP) embodies the results of your research program and exposes the work to scholarly criticism. It must represent a single body of work, with integrated material, and should not be solely a collection of published articles.

Preparation and submission requirements

Your dissertation, thesis, or MRP must be prepared and submitted in strict accordance with procedures outlined by the Yeates School of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies and for theses and dissertations, with the current regulations of the Library and Archives Canada. It is important to understand that the responsibility for formatting and submitting the correct format rests with the author.

To help you prepare and submit your thesis, MPR, or dissertation in accordance with proper procedures, we have developed a guide for graduate student use.

 (PDF file) Download the Thesis, MRP, and Dissertation Submission Requirements

 (PDF file) Download the NLC Form

General guidelines

Master's and doctoral students must submit their dissertation, thesis, major research paper (MRP), or project to their Graduate Program Administrator as an electronic PDF file. The Yeates School of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies does not accept hard copies. However, your program may require the submission of hard copies. Please consult with your program administrator about program requirements.

For more information or help, please contact your program administrator.

Submission deadlines

Please refer to important dates for deadline dates and times. Note the final date to clear outstanding graduation requirements. If you miss this date, you must register for the term as you must be a current student when your thesis, MRP, or dissertation is submitted.

Online defence/MRP presentation guidelines

Please see the  (PDF file) guidelines for using Zoom for defences and MRP presentations.