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Faculty participating in the program are drawn from several departments within each of the faculties across the university.

The faculty participating in the program have varied research expertise across their broad fields and several faculty members have expertise in more than one field. Please check individual faculty member's departmental bio pages by clicking on their name to find more details.  

Program Director

Dr. Henry Parada
Research Expertise: Latin America social work, community Development, anti-oppression, institutional ethnography, child welfare (nationally and internationally)

Department of Criminology  

Dr. Dan Horner
Research expertise: History of migration; migration and the state

Dr. Alexandra Orlova 
Research Expertise: Transnational organized crime, Russian organized crime, international terrorism and crimes, international law and traditional and non-traditional security threats

Dr. Anne-Marie Singh
Research Expertise: contemporary social theory, policing and governance; the role and interaction of various state and non-state actors in the field of security and the place of coercive practices in contemporary liberal democratic society

Dr. Emily van der Meulen
Research Expertise: Sex work; trafficking and prostitution policy; gendered surveillance studies; prisons and prisoners; transnational feminism

Department of Economics

Dr. John Isbister
Research Expertise: Economic Demography, Canadian Economic History, Immigration, Ethics 

Dr. Paul Missios
Research Expertise: Regional government policy

Dr. Obeid Ur Rehman
Research Expertise: International migration, remittances, household decision-making, and tax systems

Department of English

Dr. Anne-Marie Lee-Loy
Research Expertise: Immigrant literatures in Canada, postcolonial world literatures and cultural studies

Dr. Nima Naghibi
Research Expertise: Postcolonial and Feminist Studies; Immigrant Literatures and Diasporic Studies

Dr. Ruth Panofsky
Research Expertise: Literature of immigration

Dr. Hyacinth Simpson
Research Expertise: Migrant writing and diasporic literature

Department of Geography and Environmental Studies

Dr. Harald Bauder
Research Expertise: Critical border studies; Political economy of migration; labour market experiences of immigrants; immigration discourses, policies and nationhood; Canada and Germany

Dr. Evan Cleave
Research Expertise: Immigration and local economic development; media and political discourse on sanctuary cities; the political-institutional context of non-status migration in Canada; influence of place branding and marketing on immigration decision-making.

Dr. Sara Edge
Research Expertise: Environment and health inequities, collaborative governance and decision-making, knowledge translation & integration, urban risks & opportunities, immigrant and refugee health, well-being & inclusion, social determinants of health, sustainability.

Dr. Sutama Ghosh
Research Expertise: Migration and settlement geographies, transnationalism, critical 'race' theories, regional geography of 'South Asia' with particular reference to India

Dr. Emmanuel Kyeremeh
Research Expertise: Immigrant integration, social networks, transnationalism, return migration, immigrant health, gender and migration

Dr. Lu Wang
Research Expertise: Immigration and Access to Health Care; Ethnicity, Culture and Consumption; Health Geomatics; Economic Geography

Dr. Shuguang Wang
Research Expertise: Ethnic economy and immigrant business

Department of History

Dr. Arne Kislenko
Research Expertise: International relations and state security

Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures

Dr. Ndeye Ba
Research Expertise: Postcolonialism, Diasporic Communities, Feminist Studies, Cultural Identities

Dr. Kathleen Kellett
Research Expertise: Minority literatures in Canada

Dr. Dana Osborne 
Research Expertise: Community-based participatory research, anthropological fieldwork and methods, linguistics, Philippines, diaspora, precarious work, critical race theory

Department of Politics and Public Administration

Dr. Miriam Anderson
Research Expertise: Women, Peace, and Security (WPS); feminist security studies; peace negotiations; politics in exile; women's peace activism; post-war politics; non-state actors

Dr. Sedef Arat-Koc
Research Expertise: Immigration policy and immigrant women in Canada, racialization in Canada

Dr. Grace-Edward Galabuzi
Research Expertise: Racialization and Canadian labour markets; Immigrant integration; Social Exclusion/Inclusion; Poverty; Human Rights

Dr. Christopher Gore
Research Expertise: environmental and natural resource policy; the politics of energy and climate change; comparative urban governance; privatization of environmental services; tensions between local, national, and global interests in urban and environmental management, service delivery, and public sector reform

Dr. Tariq Amin-Khan
Research Expertise: security state and securitization, the post-colonial state, capitalist globalism and international development, political and militant Islam, comparative study of multiculturalism, nationalism, and issues of South Asian state and society

Dr. Janet Lum
Research Expertise: Ageing and immigrants and equity policy

Dr. Michael McGregor 
Department of Politics and Public Administration
Research Expertise: Canadian politics, municipal politics, voting behaviour

Dr. Hudson Moura
Research Expertise: Diaspora studies, exile, immigration, and refugees in film, literature, new technologies, and media representation

Dr. Sorpong Peou
Research Expertise: democracy and security; human security; transnational migration, refugee issues, armed conflict, war crimes, crimes against humanity, genocide.

Dr. Arthur Ross Professor Emeritus
Research Expertise: Immigration policy and community agency

Dr. Daniel Rubenson
Research Expertise: Political behaviour, elections and campaigns

Dr. Anver Saloojee
Research Expertise: Immigration policy, social inclusion and immigrant political participation

Dr. Madhura Mitu Sengupta
Research Expertise: global political economy, the global governance of development and human rights, development ethics, and the politics and political economy of South Asia

Dr. John Shields
Research Expertise: Labour markets and immigrants

Dr. Myer Siemiatycki, Professor Emeritus
Research Expertise: Immigrant Political Participation; Transnationalism; Religious Minorities; Cities and Diversity.

Department of Psychology

Dr. Becky Choma
Research Expertise: intergroup relations (e.g., psychological predictors of prejudice, prejudice-reduction); collective action; socio-political ideologies

Dr. Lixia Yang
Research Expertise: Cognition, culture and aging

Department of Sociology

Dr. Patrizia Albanese
Research Expertise: Family policies and policies affecting children

Dr. Conely De Leon
Research Expertise: Migrant care and emotional labour, transnational migrant networks, employment precarity, critical transnational feminist praxis, Critical Filipina/o/x Studies

Dr. Doreen Fumia, Professor Emerita
Department of Sociology
Research expertise: sexual citizenship, identities and migration, social equity movements in education

Dr. Amina Jamal
Research Expertise: transnational feminist practices and as part of theoretical and political attempts to problematize new forms of citizen-subjects that emerge through changing global economic, political and cultural relations

Dr. Melanie Knight
Research Expertise: Black activism; Black collective economic initiatives; Black women business owners, Anti-Black Racism and Racism and Precarious Work.

Dr. Mustafa Koc
Research Expertise: Migration and globalization

Dr. Naomi Lightman
Reserach Expertise: Migrant care work, intersectional labour market disparities, immigration policy

Dr. Christopher Powell
Research Expertise: Sociological theory; relational sociology; complex systems theory; social transformation; economic democracy; genocide.

Dr. Carmen Schifellite, Professor Emeritus
Research Expertise: Sociology in Education, Sociology of Science, Critiques of sociobiology and other theories that connect biology, culture and human behaviour

Dr. Pamela Sugiman
Research Expertise: Gender studies, women's history in Canada, and the history of Japanese Canadians

Dr. Cheryl Teelucksingh
Research Expertise: Ethno-racial and immigrant settlement patterns in Toronto environmental justice, socio-spatial theory, and applied geographical information systems

Dr. Vappu Tyyskä Professor Emerita 
Research Expertise: Immigrant families and youth

Student Experience Centre

Dr. Reena Tandon  
Interdisciplinary Studies
Research Expertise: Globalization, labour, immigrant women, violence against women, advocacy and services for immigrant populations, diaspora studies


Daphne Cockwell School of Nursing

Dr. Areej Al-Hamad
Research Expertise: refugee and immigrant health, women's health, food and housing insecurities, participatory action research, art-based research (photovoice, DYI and photo elicitation), intersectionality and social justice, international partnerships and collaborations, homelessness and marginalized populations, critical qualitative research methods, scoping and systematic reviews, ethnographic research, community-based research

Dr. Sepali Guruge
Research Expertise: Immigrant women's health issues; violence against women throughout the migration process

Dr. Joanna (Anneke) Rummens
Research Expertise (national and international): identity|diversity; social marginalization|inclusion; immigrant, refugee, migrant health, well-being, life outcomes; war-affected newcomer communities; child/youth success;  global systems, international development;  integrated knowledge exchange, transfer, uptake, implementation to inform policy, programming, practice 

Dr. Mandana Vahabi
Research Expertise: Immigrant health, women's health, Health risk communication, literacy, and population health in general and health disparities by age, gender, SES, and immigration in particular

Dr. Josephine Wong
Daphne Cockwell School of Nursing
Research Expertise: Community-based action research, radicalized immigrants and refugees, gender identities, stigma of HIV and mental illness

Midwifery Education Program

Karline Wilson-Mitchell  DNP, MSN, RM, RN, CNM
Research Expertise: Global health; immigrant women's health; midwifery, youth and reproductive health rights

School of Early Childhood Studies

Dr. Mehrunnisa Ahmad Ali
Research Expertise: Research methods, immigrant children, youth and families

Dr. Judith K. Bernhard
Research Expertise: Cultural influences on child development, refugee and undocumented children in childcare, identity texts and multilingual literacy, Aboriginal early childhood settings

School of Child and Youth Care

Dr. Tara Collins
Research Expertise: Children's rights; monitoring; child and youth participation

Dr. Kiaras Gharabaghi
Research Expertise: Educational support and advocacy for newcomer youth, newcomer communities and civic engagement.

Dr. Jennifer Martin
Research Expertise:  Child sex tourism; child trafficking; sexual exploitation of undocumented minors

Dr. Monica Ruiz-Casares
Research Expertise: Child & youth protection and participation; program evaluation; access to health & social services by refugees & asylum seekers; parent-child separation; child mental health and wellbeing; low- and middle-income countries. 

School of Nutrition

Dr. Cecilia Rocha
Research Expertise: Immigrant settlement and food security

School of Social Work

Dr. Dawn Onishenko
Research Expertise: Gender and Sexual minority refugees and Canadian social policy; Queer identified social service organizations and (barriers to) access for refugee/immigrant service users; Critical human rights; Diaspora Youth from Central America and the Caribbean and Discourses of Rights; Qualitative Social Policy research

Dr. Henry Parada
Research Expertise: Latin America social work, community Development, anti-oppression, institutional ethnography, child welfare (nationally and internationally)

School of Urban and Regional Planning

Dr. Zhixi C. Zhuang
Research Expertise: Immigration and cities; planning for diversity; ethnic retailing; place-making and community building; immigrant settlement and integration. 


School of Professional Communication

Shana Almeida
Research Expertise: Politics, race and racism, political discourses, government policy and policymaking, political participation, political activism, democracy

School of Fashion

Osmud Rahman
Research Expertise: Consumer behaviour; fashion consumption; subculture; ethnic attire; cultural identity; multiculturalism



Dr. Idil Atak
Research expertise: irregular migration; asylum-seekers and refugee protection in Canada and Europe; securitization of migration; human rights

Dr. Graham Hudson
Research Expertise: Irregular migration, criminalization of migration, national security, human rights, legal theory

School of Accounting and Finance

Dr. Oliver Okafor
Research Expertise: Accounting standards, tax avoidance, and sustainable development focussing on immigrants, visible minorities and developing countries.

School of Business Management

Dr. Rupa Banerjee
Research Expertise: Labour market integration; workplace discrimination; immigrant employment

Dr. Kenneth Kalu 
School of Business Management
Research Expertise: Immigration policy, immigrant entrepreneurship, Africa’s political economy, China-Africa relations.

Dr. Howard Lin
Research Expertise: Immigrant and transnational entrepreneurship

School of Hospitality and Tourism Management

Dr. Frederic Dimanche
Research Expertise: Hospitality and tourism; the impact of immigration on the hospitality and tourism sector in Canada



Dr. Anna Triandafyllidou 
Canada Excellence Research Chair in Migration and Integration
Research Expertise: labour migration management, irregular migration, migrant smuggling, migrant integration, multiculturalism, nationalism, communication and discourses on migration and asylum, national and ethnic identities, governance of cultural and religious diversity, comparative studies of migration and asylum in Europe, global migration governance.