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Energy and Sustainability

“[TMU]’s done a fantastic job of preparing me for the next step in my career.”

Dr. Michael Sugiyama, Postdoctoral fellow researching COVID-19 treatment

Protect our future by exploring sustainable solutions to pressing problems facing our planet. With a campus committed to sustainability and academic-industry partnerships like the Centre for Urban Energy, Toronto Met’s graduate programs offer incredible resources and opportunities to make a difference in this vital industry.

Study energy and sustainability at TMU

  • Environmental Applied Science and Management (MASc, PhD): Champion the environment. This program enables students to develop and explore interdisciplinary approaches to investigate the full scope of environmental issues.
  • Energy and Innovation (PMDip): Create innovative solutions to urban energy issues at a time when the demand for clean energy, renewable resources, and sustainability is greater than ever. 
  • Building Science (MBSc, MASc): Construct a foundation of sound building science principles. Focusing on delivering sustainability in the built environment, this program prepares you for the evolving architecture, engineering and construction industry.
  • Chemical Engineering (MASc, MEng, PhD): Explore diverse research fields such as wastewater and food treatment, polymer and process engineering, metallurgy and nanotechnology in this dynamic program. Students benefit from expert faculty, industry connections, full-scale equipment and the latest technology.
  • Molecular Science (MSc, PhD): Explore the interface of chemistry, biochemistry and biology in this interdisciplinary and research-based program. Explore the fields of Materials, Surfaces and Interfaces, and Molecular Bioscience.

Quick Facts

$3 trillion: estimated size of energy and sustainable innovation industry (2020)

100% of EnSciMan applicants receive an admission scholarship or award (Canadian citizens and permanent residents)

$5M in federal and provincial scholarships

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