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Digital Media and Computing

“[TMU] has a rich interdisciplinary environment. There are opportunities to branch out into other fields, collaborate across domains.”

Dr. Gabby Resch, Postdoctoral fellow researching immersive VR

Be part of the future wave as technology becomes increasingly important in modern life. Make your digital dreams come true through TMU Graduate Studies with state-of-the-art labs, research centres, institutes, labs and world-class zones such as the DMZ. If you want to transform tech, this is the perfect place.

Study digital media and computing at TMU

  • Digital Media (MDM): Forge your future in this cutting-edge program based in the DMZ, Canada’s top university business incubator. Project-based experiences and entrepreneurial simulations foster 21st-century leadership through a comprehensive study of business, art, design and technology. 
  • Computer Networks (MASc, MEng): Design, simulate and carry out experiments to test and verify network configurations and performance. Leveraging networking equipment sponsored by Cisco Systems Canada, this program prepares you for high-level careers in internetworking.
  • Computer Science (MSc, PhD): Be part of a program promoting high achievement in both the theoretical and practical aspects of computation. Experiment in Artificial Intelligence, Networks and Security, Robotics and more. 
  • Data Science and Analytics (MSc): This unique one-year program enables students to develop interdisciplinary skills and gain a deep understanding of technical and applied knowledge. Graduates are highly trained, qualified data scientists who can pursue careers in industry, government or research.
  • Electrical and Computer Engineering (MASc, MEng, PhD): Immerse yourself in a rigorous scholarly environment with strong cross-disciplinary interconnections. Join a program that offers advanced education, research and engineering applications.
  • Media & Design Innovation (PhD): Designed specifically for innovative makers and scholar-practitioners, this one-of-a-kind program trains graduates to be intellectually agile, creative professionals with a strong capacity for in-depth innovation and problem-solving.

Quick Facts

#1 incubator in Canada, #5 in the world (University Business Incubator Index)

1st graduate program fully embedded in an incubator (Digital Media)

$5M in federal and provincial scholarships

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