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Vice-Provost and Dean

Dr. Carl Kumaradas, interim vice-provost and dean, YSGPS

Dr. Carl Kumaradas

An acclaimed leader at YSGPS, Dr. Kumaradas has been associate dean, programs for nearly four years. He is an associate professor in the Department of Physics and previously held the role of interim chair. With nearly a decade of experience as graduate program director for the Physics program, he led the development of its PhD degree and the implementation of a new program option designed to meet the standards of its accrediting body. 

Dr. Kumaradas holds a bachelor of applied science in electrical engineering and a master’s of science and PhD in medical biophysics, all from the University of Toronto. His research explores computational modelling in biomedical physics with a focus on the use of nanoparticles for cancer detection and treatment. He is actively involved in collaborative research with an industrial partner to work on translating his basic science research into clinical practice. Throughout his TMU career, Dr. Kumaradas has supervised 26 graduate students and two postdoctoral fellows, published 21 peer-reviewed scientific articles, and been involved in externally funded grants totalling $2.3 million.

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