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First Year Course Enrolment

To view the curriculum requirements for the Graphic Communications Management program, please see the Undergraduate Course Calendar below. 

As a first year student you will automatically be enrolled into first-year required courses. You are, however, required to enrol in elective courses.

You can view the courses into which you have been automatically enrolled online via MyServiceHub ( in early August. Schedule changes including enrolling in your elective courses or making changes to your timetable (adds, drops and swaps) can be completed on your Enrolment Appointment.

Online Enrolment Appointments for first year students begin on August 8, 2023 at 6:00 a.m. You are required to log into MyServiceHub to make your course selections and enrol.  

The deadline to add/swap Fall 2023 courses is Friday, September 15th.

Add: enrol in a course

Drop: withdraw from a course

Swap: drop one class and add a different class or different section of the same class

You can perform all of these enrolment functions in MyServiceHub, as soon as your enrollment appointment begins on MyServiceHub.

Enrolment Tips

  1. If you have to make any changes to your class schedule, it’s best to swap and not drop. This way you’ll keep your seat, until you’re successfully enrolled in the new class. 
  2. If a class is full closed icon, continue to check course availability and spaces on MyServiceHub. During the first two weeks of school we see the most movement in courses (classes open and close).
  3.  If a class has a Wait List functionality wait list, you may add yourself to the Wait List. You can be on the Wait List for a maximum of two classes per term (For details see Course Wait List)
  4. Make sure the courses you choose are part of the program’s curriculum.

Consult the Academic Course Calendar and your Academic Advisement Report when selecting courses. Check the “Non-Applicable” section of your Academic Advisement Report. Courses in this section will not count towards your graduation requirements. Contact GCM's Academic Advisor if you need help picking an appropriate course instead.

Have your received transfer credits? If so, contact GCM's Academic Advisor as soon as possible to discuss how they can be used to meet your degree requirements.

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