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About GCM

About Graphic Communications Management

Our world is a visual one. Every day we come into contact with hundreds of printed and graphic products — from giant billboards, to sleek interactive websites and unique packaging carrying the coffee you’re drinking or the smartphone you just bought. GCM teaches a variety of transferable skills sought in many fields. Everyone has a message they’re trying to spread. We help them get noticed.

Technology continues to change the way we receive and process information, and the printing industries have been at the forefront of this revolution — whether its 3D printing, packaging design or developing creative solutions to business needs. With a degree in graphic communications management, graduates are ready to lead the next wave in changing how we interact with products and packaging.

The opportunities are diverse in Canada's printing industry

$4.2 billion

Over 50,000

Over 3,000

The Creative School

GCM is housed in The Creative School, a dynamic faculty home to nine of Canada’s leading professional schools in media and communication, design and the cultural industries, three transdisciplinary hubs focused on innovation and entrepreneurship, and a robust international network built on an established legacy of developing the next generation of creative leaders and change makers, spanning more than seven decades.