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GCM460 DAM Creative Showcase

Welcome to GCM 460's DAM Creative Showcase!


Associate Professor, GCM

This past fall term I had the privilege of teaching GCM 460 Asset Management in Graphics Communication as a virtual module. We introduced students to the foundations of digital asset management in graphic communications and allowed them to employ their knowledge this semester through a new assignment called the DAM creative, where students selected a sub-topic related to the course and re-introduced it through a creative medium.


DAM, PIM and Beyond: Identifying the terms and exploring the integration of DAM and IM for comprehensive content organization and distribution.

By Rebecca Karton

 (PDF file) References


DAM Planning: Tips and tricks on how to manage changes when implementing DAM and how to measure success in the implementation process.

By Celaia Gonzalez Matte

 (PDF file) References


DAM, AI and Machine Learning: Leveraging AI and Machine Learning with DAM systems for enhancement content discovery, analysis and automation.

By Sahithya Srimurugadas

 (PDF file) References


How DAM Supports SEO: Understanding the role of DAM in optimizing Search Engine Optimization (SEO).


Building a Governance Plan: Tips on how to establish a strategic framework for effective management, control, and oversight digital assets.