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A number of opportunities are available for patients, students, clinicians, researchers, and knowledge users to engage in research, teaching, mentorship, and other scholarly activities.

Research Participation for Potential Study Participants:

  • Opportunities will be advertised shortly

Research Assistant Positions:

  • Volunteer research assistant and research placement opportunities are available on an ongoing basis.
  • Please contact Dr. Fredericks directly at:

Graduate Student Supervision:

  • Dr. Fredericks is currently accepting graduate students engaged in both Masters and Doctoral studies. If you are interested having Dr. Fredericks as your Supervisor or as a member of your dissertation/thesis/examination committee, please send an updated Curriculum Vitae along with a brief outline of your area of interest to Dr. Fredericks at least 3 months in advance of the application deadline.  

Research Mentorship:

  • Dr. Fredericks is committed to supporting junior and novice healthcare researchers, students, and clinicians through various mentorship activities that include: sharing technical and professional knowledge and skills, shaping career development, and providing honest and timely feedback. 
  • Dr. Fredericks is currently accepting applications for research mentorship opportunities. Please forward your curriculum vitae and a detailed mentorship plan to Dr. Fredericks (, along with your intended start and end date for the mentorship experience.
  • Dr. Fredericks is also providing mentorship through the ACNAP Mentorship Programme. If you qualify for mentorship through this program, please register directly through ACNAP, external link.

Knowledge User Collaboration:

  • Opportunities will be advertised shortly