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Minors and Specializations



You can minor (opens in new window)  in an area outside of your degree program by taking six one-semester courses. 

A Minor is an opportunity for you to explore a secondary area of undergraduate study distinct from your degree program/major, either for personal interest, or as an area of specific expertise related to your degree program that may further support your career choice.

Successful completion of a minor is acknowledged upon graduation from your program/plan. Recognition of completion of a minor is printed onto your official transcript.

Please note: The course load in engineering is heavy, therefore, pursuing a minor is not mandatory. As an alternative we offer a specialization option.

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Optional Specialization in Management Sciences (OSMS) (opens in new window) 

Boost your resume and enhance your job prospects by adding this six-course specialization onto your degree program. Comparable to a business management minor, the Optional Specialization in Management Sciences (OSMS) (opens in new window)  provides a solid foundation in management sciences. Courses are tailored to better prepare you for your career or for graduate studies in management-related specializations. With the exception of students in Industrial Engineering and Architectural Science, all undergraduate students in the Faculty of Engineering and Architectural Science and the Faculty of Science who have clear academic standings are eligible to apply.

Tip: The courses for this specialization are offered only in the Spring terms.