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Academic Support Centre

For Students

Find the academic support you need. We offer learning support to undergraduate and graduate students at the Faculty of Community Services through individual appointments, workshops, peer support and other learning opportunities.  

Are you a faculty member or instructor? Support student learning success.

FCS Academic Support available online 

Here are some important points regarding FCS Academic Support and our shift to a remote model:

  •  While we are moving all of our appointments to an online format, you will still book these appointments as per usual via our online booking system, external link
  • If you’re booking a face-to-face (“synchronous”) meeting with one of our Peer Learning Facilitators, please select a time-slot marked “online”; "eTutoring" appointments are for (“asynchronous”) assignment feedback
  • As we always have for those seeking assignment support, we ask that you attach your assignment to your online booking before your scheduled time (in .docx format)
  • To be sure, these assignment support appointments are specifically set-up to offer students feedback on their work; therefore, we also ask that you let us know of your assignment's guidelines/requirements and the kinds of support you are seeking (such as organizational or editing suggestions)
  • Should the support you seek involve the review of a document or section longer than two or three pages, we suggest that you book two back-to-back appointments (as we can only work with the time we are allotted)
  • Please do not book an appointment with more than one facilitator for the same assignment before receiving feedback from your first appointment; in other words, for a given assignment, please wait until you have received feedback from your first appointment and incorporated it into your editing process before booking your second appointment
  • We endeavour to provide feedback within 24 hours of a given appointment time; please do not follow-up about a booking unless you give us at least 24 hours to send you feedback
  • It is Centre policy to offer feedback using Microsoft Word's track changes and comments functions; if you are unsure of how these functions work, please see the following: Track changes in Word, external link

If you are seeking self-access resources to support your learning and development, please email with a short message outlining your needs.

We support your academic skills development and English language needs. We can meet with you in person, on the phone and online.

Email us to schedule an appointment:

Our peer learning facilitators are trained student staff who can help you with course management, assignment completion, critical reading and writing skills.

Peer support is available throughout the academic year. Feel free to walk in — we are located on the fifth floor of the library, in Room LIB-549 — or book an appointment.

Not sure how we can support your academic success? Drop-in for a consultation with a member of our team to discuss your support needs. We are located on the fifth floor of the library, in Room LIB-549.

Drop in for these one-hour sessions to develop and improve your academic writing, learning and study skills.

Set up a learning group with your classmates. We are available to facilitate academic skills development workshops or study sessions.

Email us to set up a learning group: 

Check out our handouts and tip-sheets to further support your learning. Drop in at any time to pick up these resources — we are located in Room LIB-549.

Time Management and Goal Setting

Study Skills



APA Format

Researching Sources

Tip Sheets

The Faculty of Community Services Academic Support and Resource Centre is located on the fifth floor of the library, in Room LIB-549.


Toronto Metropolitan University
Library Building, Room LIB-549
350 Victoria St.
Toronto, Ontario
M5B 2K3

Learning Strategists  

Iram Khan, MA, TESL

Chris Cachia, MA, BEd

Peer Learning Facilitators