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Learning and Teaching

Preparing the Changemakers of Tomorrow

Students in the Faculty of Community Services (FCS) develop practical knowledge and skills through classroom learning, internships, field placements, co-op, virtual simulations, online activities and other experiential learning opportunities.

These hands-on experiences deepen their understanding of the health sciences and community services fields and prepare them for professional practice.

Working under the guidance of professors, instructors, and preceptors, students become highly knowledgeable professionals prepared to enhance the quality of life of individuals, families and communities.



Anti Blackness: Institutional Constraints & Pedagogy (external link) 

The FCS Learning and Teaching Committee and Special Advisor to the Dean on Anti-Black Racism held a panel discussion on Anti-Black Racism, Institutional Constraints and Pedagogy on November 26, 2020

Equity and Inclusion Project Fund (external link) 

The Equity and Inclusion Project Fund supports initiatives led by students, faculty or staff that strengthen equity and inclusion practices within the FCS community

Inspired Teaching: Andrea Moraes (external link) 

Andrea Moraes, PhD: Contract Lecturer, School of Nutrition Course: FNS 250 – Introduction to Food Systems

Inspired Teaching: Ian Young (external link) 

Ian Young: Associate Professor, School of Occupational and Public Health Course: POH 103 – Data Management