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Anamika Baijnath

Project Manager, Equity, Training and Partnerships
DepartmentExperiential Learning
A headshot of Anamika Baijnath, Manager, Experiential Learning.

We are very excited to have Anamika Baijnath returning to the EL Hub! Anamika rejoins the team as our Project Manager, Equity, Training and Partnerships, a new role that will oversee special projects with an ECI lens, and develop resources and supports for our students, faculty, staff, and community partners engaging in experiential learning. Anamika starts in early March. She brings a strong commitment to embedding a focus on equity within experiential learning practices and processes.

Anamika previously worked with the EL Hub as a Manger, providing specialized expertise and support projects, including developing our EDI in Practice: Exploring Equity, Diversity and Inclusion. Anamika's experience is varied, working many years within government as a Child Rights Advocate for the province, as Senior Policy Advisor at the Ontario Association of Social Workers and most recently working at FCS’s School of Social Work as Field Education Manager. With over a decade as a Faculty Advisor, she has prepared emerging new social workers to integrate equity and apply anti-oppression theory into practice towards more just approaches to supporting people and communities.