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Infant Feeding Room

Guided by the values of equity, diversity, inclusion, access and putting people first as reflected in TMU's Academic Plan, and taking into consideration the recommendations on breastfeeding by the World Health Organization (external link) , current students and employees of TMU have access to an Infant Feeding Room on campus. 

This space in the Daphne Cockwell Health Sciences Complex (DCC) is dedicated specifically to provide a safe and private space for infant feeding. 

Room location

DCC-655, Daphne Cockwell Health Sciences Complex (DCC)

Request access to the room

Current TMU students and employees must complete the  (google form) Infant Feeding Room Registration form (external link)  to request access to the room using their OneCard. 

If you have other requests related to cleaning, refills and waste management, please submit a service request to the FMD Help Desk.

Personal items

The Infant Feeding Room is a shared space with minimal weekly maintenance and cleaning. As such, no personal items or waste may be left in the room, including any soiled diapers, diaper bags, breastfeeding pumps, bottles etc. Any items left in the room will be removed and disposed of.

Time limit

Parents or child-care providers who provide nutrition for infants in this room are asked to vacate when finished to allow others to use the room.

Please note that refrigeration is currently unavailable.

University-provided maintenance

  • There will be weekly cleaning of this room by Facilities Management and Development. This cleaning will be primarily of the floor and will not include wiping down of surfaces, nor will this cleaning address body fluids or biohazards. 
  • Alcohol-based wipes will be made available in the room for users. Please wipe down surfaces after use.

Maintenance expectations of users

  • Users are requested to put soiled diapers in a self-sealing plastic bag and remove them from the premises when they leave. A diaper hamper/wastebasket is not available in the room.  
  • Users are requested to clean the infant changing table with an alcohol-based wipe after use. 
  • Users are welcome to use the room for pumping but are requested to remove all of their pumping equipment with them after use.

Guidelines for employees and students

  • It is understood that employees will use personal breaks or seek prior approval from their supervisor/manager for an absence from work for the purpose of feeding their infant. 
  • It is reasonable that any student who is infant feeding might leave their classroom to feed their child and then return to class while the childcare provider continues to mind their infant. This must be done in a way that does not disrupt the flow of class. 

About the room

The Business Operations and Space Planning team in Facilities Management and Development brought together a working group to plan for the launch of the university‚Äôs first ever dedicated space for infant feeding in the newly constructed Daphne Cockwell Complex (DCC).  The working group included the Office of the Vice-President, Equity and Community InclusionHuman Resourcesthe Midwifery Education Program and Student Affairs. This collaboration has been successful in providing a dedicated space for people that need to feed their infants or pump and daily operations are managed by Human Resources. 

Would your department and/or area be able to provide a space? 

We are happy to consult with you at any time should you have any questions. The goal is to create a guide of all the spaces available on campus for folks to access.

If you are interested in providing a space in your unit, please send a message to with the following info:

  • Location of space, including room number.
  • Brief description of space (are there chairs, closed door, fixed space vs. floating space, etc.) including how to access the space.
  • Contact to access the space.