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About the OVPECI

Mandate of the Vice-President, Equity and Community Inclusion

OVPECI will provide oversight with respect to the realization of the university’s ECI strategic initiatives. We will work collaboratively — providing technical guidance and support — to empower all members of the university to create a human rights centred campus. We work in partnership to reduce barriers to access and inclusion for students, faculty and staff and bolster an equitable and inclusive community-focused decolonized university that pursues its academic mandate.

We will assist in building capacity across all sectors of the university, assemble ECI expertise and intentionally guide purposeful action through the provision of:

  • Advice and consultation
  • Education and awareness
  • Identification of best practices
  • Human rights related services
  • Research and data
  • Support for the development of policies and programs, including for the review of ongoing policies and programs