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Plan of Study

Plan of Study

Your Plan of Study describes all of the course and non-course expectations of the program. It establishes a timeline that you are expected to follow in order to complete your degree requirements.  

  • You develop and update your Plan of Study together with your faculty advisor or primary research supervisor.
  • You will submit your initial Plan of Study by October 1 of your first year.
  • You will then submit updates to your Plan of Study at the end of every term listing the expectations for the following term. Please email the form to (Please include your name and term in the file name). 
  • This frequent and periodic review of your Plan of Study helps to provide a timely diagnosis of deficiencies and a clarification of expectations for academic performance.

Unsatisfactory progress (UNS)

  • If you are not meeting the expectations of your Plan of Study (non-course requirements), your supervisor will assign an Unsatisfactory Progress (UNS) designation.
  • If a UNS is assigned, it should be based solely on the student not meeting the expectations agreed upon and stated in the Plan of Study.
  • Students with an UNS are assigned an Academic Standing of "Provisional" (to understand the implications of this standing, see  (PDF file) Policy 164 Section 7.2 Provisional)

After you have met with your supervisor to discuss the contents of your Plan of Study, you will upload it for the Program Director to review and comment.

Annual Progress Review

(formerly Progress Report)

Annual Progress Reviews are used to provide feedback, support, and evaluation of your research progress.  

Annual Progress Reviews are designed to:

  • Promote abundant and productive dialogue between you and your research supervisor;
  • Provide an opportunity for you to articulate your expectations about your research progress and plans for the future;
  • Allow you and your supervisor to reflect on research supervision activities to date.

More information to follow.