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Environmental Applied Science and Management, Annual PhD Symposium

Environmental Applied Science and Management, Annual PhD Symposium
Environmental Applied Science and Management Annual PhD Symposium

EnSciMan PhD Symposium 2023: Bridging the Sustainability Gap: Policy, Industry, and Academia

Bridging the Sustainability Gap: Policy, Industry, and Academia

Please join us for an engaging discussion on Bridging the Sustainability Gap: How we can converge knowledge in policy, industry, and academia for a livable future.

To lead the discussion we have brought together leaders from purpose-driven start-ups, corporations, and both local and International governments. Each of the speakers has a unique perspective on the challenge of working on sustainability initiatives and attendees will have the opportunity to ask questions and engage with the speakers during the networking sessions.

The discussion will include 4 sessions focused around:

Packaging: Bridging the Gap for waste management and the circular economy with Canadian Tire and Genecis Bioindustries

Responsible Supply Chains: Bridging the Gap for improved working conditions and environmental footprints with Ulula, Celestica and CarbonGraph

Public Health: Bridging the Gap in public health with Toronto Public Health, the Dalla Lana School of Public Health and the Consular General of Bangladesh

Housing: Bridging the Gap for energy and affordable housing with the City of Toronto and R-Hauz

Event Details

The symposium will be an in-person event with a pre-session breakfast, a lunch break and a wine and cheese networking event at the end of the symposium.

To register: Click here (external link) . Registration is free.

Time: 9:30 am – 4:00 pm

Location: Daphne Cockwell Complex (DCC) (7th Floor)

Poster for Bridging the Sustainability Gap: Policy, Industry, and Academia Symposium on April 26th, 2023

EnSciMan PhD Symposium 2022 - Leaving a Legacy from Research to Impact

Leaving a legacy – From Research to Impact?

This year’s symposium asks important questions about the goal, purpose, and outcomes of academic research. These questions range from “how do we ensure that the research we conduct contributes to the best possible socio-economic and environmental outcomes?” to “how do we bridge the gap between research and implementation?”  and “how do we navigate and address the barriers that make it difficult to transform research into effective policies, products, and services?”

Join us for an engaging and lively discussion on these questions that will focus on five core theme areas:

·       Big Data/Big Analytics

·       Food and Health

·       Climate and Infrastructure

·       Water Quality

·       Environmental Justice and Equity

Event Details

The symposium will primarily be in-person and followed by a wine and cheese networking event.

To register: Click here (external link) . Registration is free.

Students: please register using this link if you are interested in showcasing your research.

Time: 10:00 am – 4:00 pm

Location: Daphne Cockwell Complex (DCC) (7th Floor)

Leaving a legacy – From Research to Impact?

PhD Symposium 2021

A New Era of Environmental Science, Management, Research and Industry
Learning, Sharing and Developing During Environmental and Pandemic Crises

This year’s Symposium explores the challenges and opportunities of working within this current era of global environmental and social challenges. How do we as researchers, practitioners, and policymakers move forward when there is so much uncertainty? What innovative steps can we adopt and implement to mobilize change? Join us as we discuss and explore these and other thought-provoking questions. This event is open to anyone curious and interested in joining the conversation.

The symposium will include inspirational Introductions by our keynote speaker Jonas Spring, followed by two breakout sessions for participants to choose from.

Breakout Session #1 Explores Conversations around Navigating Barriers in Research while Breakout Session #2 Discusses Opportunities, Adaptations and Innovations in a time of crisis.

Finally, a closing Panel Discussion highlights an array of strategies and efforts made by professionals, academics, and activists, exploring Diverging Perspectives, Insights and Responses Regarding Environmental & Pandemic Crises.

How to attend? Click here for FREE registration (external link) 
When is the event?
March 11, 2021 10am to 1pm
Where will it be held?
Virtually! A link to the event will be emailed following registration
Who will be at the event?
See the  (PDF file) Symposium Program (opens in new window)  and Biographies of Speakers & Presenters

A graphic design showing the shadow image of a head with gears turning to reflect the idea of thought and innovation.

A New Era of Environmental Science, Management, Research and Industry: Learning, Sharing and Developing During Environmental and Pandemic Crises

PhD Symposium 2020

PhD Symposium 2020: Clean and Innovative Technologies in Ontario

This event will explore the theme of Clean and Innovative Technologies and showcase academics and professionals with passion and expertise in this area across Ontario. Developing and implementing clean innovative technologies in urban areas is an essential component to managing environmental issues associated with pollution, transportation, energy efficiency, waste management, natural resource extraction and climate change. All are welcome to listen to speakers discuss important technologies that are facilitating movement towards environmentally conscious practices in the Province of Ontario.

Guest Speakers

Dr. Mark Gorgolewski, Professor & Chair, Architectural Science, Toronto Metropolitan University

Sophie Plottel, Project Lead (Environment), Environment and Energy Division, City of Toronto

Dr. David Wood, Senior Researcher, Envision SQ

Dr. Dan McGillivry, Distinguished Visiting Professor, Research & Innovation Office

The image shows a green earth with a tree sprouting from the top of it.

Clean and Innovative Technologies in Ontario