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At the Faculty of Engineering and Architectural Science, our undergraduate programs prepare you to make meaningful contributions to advancements in technology, health, environmental sustainability, design and more. All of our engineering programs are accredited by the Canadian Engineering Accreditation Board, and the program in architecture is accredited by the Canadian Architectural Certification Board.

undergraduate Aerospace engineering homepage

Aerospace Engineering

Degree Obtained: BEng

Gain the advanced knowledge you need to reinvent how we travel across water, land, sky or space. Learn more about the undergraduate program in aerospace engineering.

undergraduate architectural engineering homepage

Architectural Science

Degree Obtained: BArchSc

Engage with ideas, the city and your peers as you solve problems through architecture, building science and project management. Learn more about the undergraduate program in architectural science.

undergraduate biomedical engineering homepage

Biomedical Engineering

Degree Obtained: BEng

Make a difference in the health of humanity by combining the physical, chemical, mathematical and computational sciences with medicine and biology. Learn more about the undergraduate program in biomedical engineering.

undergraduate chemical engineering homepage

Chemical Engineering Co-op

Degree Obtained: BEng

Apply your talents for physics, chemistry and biology to create better tasting food, faster silicon chips and a cleaner environment. Learn more about the undergraduate program in chemical engineering.

undergraduate civil engineering homepage

Civil Engineering

Degree Obtained: BEng

Become a highly-trained and knowledgeable professional who designs and operates crucial facilities and infrastructure systems. Learn more about the undergraduate program in civil engineering.

undergraduate computer engineering homepage

Computer Engineering

Degree Obtained: BEng

Advance technology—from gaming to digital communication—and make all of our lives more efficient, entertaining and interconnected. Learn more about the undergraduate program in computer engineering.

undergraduate electrical engineering homepage

Electrical Engineering

Degree Obtained: BEng

Contribute to the advancement of civilization by gaining a deep knowledge of electrical systems and phenomena. Learn more about the undergraduate program in electrical engineering.

undergraduate industrial engineering homepage

Industrial Engineering

Degree Obtained: BEng

Focus on the human element in the design and operations of systems to make society safer and more efficient. Learn more about the undergraduate program in industrial engineering.

undergraduate mechanical engineering homepage

Mechanical Engineering

Degree Obtained: BEng

Pursue this dynamic discipline and become an expert in the research, design and operations of all kinds of machinery and technology. Learn more about the undergraduate program in mechanical engineering.

Three students of the robotics team work on mars rover

Mechatronics Engineering

Degree Obtained: BEng

Design smart solutions to analyze and maintain current and emerging electromechanical systems. Learn more about the undergraduate program in mechatronics engineering.

undergraduate undeclared engineering homepage

Undeclared Engineering

(First semester studies only)

Take some time—if you need to—to decide which type of engineer you want to be. There is no drawback whatsoever to choosing the Undeclared entry option. All of our engineering programs share a common first semester, so you won’t be out of sync with your classmates and you won’t have to re-apply once you make your decision. Learn more about the undergraduate undeclared engineering option.