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Student Experience

Members of the Race to Zero student team

Your years as a graduate student are a time for growth and exploration. Discover everything we have to offer at FEAS, from student groups to career guidance, zones, clusters and skill development. Whatever opportunities you choose to pursue, we encourage you to go all-in. By learning as much as you can about your peers, your world and yourself, you will enrich your graduate studies experience and your life.

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Graduate Skills Development

Discover the many free opportunities that Toronto Metropolitan University offers to help you build all kinds of skills, including those related to your career, teaching, academia, scholarship writing and more.

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Graduate Life

Take advantage of everything FEAS graduate life has to offer, including inspiring speakers’ series and opportunities for networking with peers and professors.

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Graduate Student Groups

Get to know the student groups that ensure you are represented and have opportunities to grow and develop, including our graduate ambassador program and course unions.

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Campus Life

Find answers to your campus life questions about housing, athletics, libraries, upcoming Toronto Metropolitan University events, accessibility, food, counselling services and more.

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Clusters & Zones

Consider getting involved in Toronto Metropolitan University’s clusters and zones if you are determined to tackle society’s big challenges and you enjoy start-up culture.

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Career Centre

Prepare for your future today with resumé help from the graduate career education team and in-depth career resources and workshops from FEAS’s dedicated career specialists.