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Academic Advisement Reports

The Academic Advisement Report (AA Report) is a tool for Undergraduate degree students which provides an audit of your progress-to-date for meeting graduation requirements.

You can also use the Advisement Report to:

  • check the accuracy of your academic record, including approved transfer credits, challenge credits and course substitutions or directives;
  • assist you in the Course Intention and course selection process to determine remaining requirements; and
  • ensure that your course enrolments fulfill your program requirements.

Online Self-Service Academic Advisement Reports are available for Undergraduate students only.

Manual Advisement Reports are available for Part-time Program Undergraduate Students who may not have an online Academic Advisement Report and The G. Raymond Chang School of Continuing Education students.   

Please note: regularly meeting with your Program Department Advisor to review your Advisement Report is also important to ensure you are fulfilling all academic requirements.

Select one of the methods below to access an Academic Advisement Report: