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Online Self-Service Academic Advisement Reports

The Academic Advisement Report is a tool for Undergraduate degree students which provides an audit of your progress-to-date for meeting graduation requirements.

You can also use the Advisement Report to:

  • check the accuracy of your academic record, including approved transfer credits, challenge credits and course substitutions or directives;
  • assist you in the Course Intention and course selection process to determine remaining requirements; and
  • ensure that your course enrolments fulfill your program requirements

The online Self-Service Academic Advisement Report (AA Report) is available to most full-time undergraduate students and most part-time undergraduate program students.

The MyServiceHub Academic Advisement Report Shows:

  • all graded courses;
  • all currently enrolled courses;
  • all transfer credit and challenge credit courses;
  • your program course (curriculum) requirements;
  • how your completed, current, and transfer credit courses fulfil your degree requirements; and
  • extra, non-applicable courses you have taken that are not being applied to meeting degree requirements.

Step-by-step instructions are available on the MyServiceHub Support website.

Please Note: A small number of students, admitted to Part-time Programs prior to 2009, may see all of their courses listed in only the 'Non-Applicable Courses' section of their AA Report. As a student who is in their final term of study, you may submit the  (google form) Manual Advisement Request Form (external link)  and receive a program advisement assessment from the Curriculum Advising Office.