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The Centre for Urban Energy (CUE) brings together industry, government and top researchers from across Canada and around the world to undertake collaborative, multi-disciplinary research on the issues facing large cities today. CUE combines the perspectives of engineering, science, environment, business, social science, public policy, law and infrastructure management.

Research is focused on climate change, conservation, demand management, efficiency, electric vehicles, microgrids, electricity planning, net-zero buildings, policy and regulation, renewables, smart grids, storage, and transmission and distribution.

If you are a company or organization looking to undertake a new research project in these areas, please contact academic director Bala Venkatesh.

"We need to ensure that experts in all sectors can work together to create low-cost, low-carbon, made-in-Canada technologies that can be exported around the world. Imagination, ingenuity and thinking big is how we solved the largest societal challenges in the past."

Jessie Ma, former IESO Research Fellow