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Master of Arts in Criminology & Social Justice

Students marching and holding a large sign displaying "Justice for our communities"
“Justice without force is powerless, however, force without justice is tyrannical" – Blaise Pascal

The MA in Criminology and Social Justice prepares students for professional and leadership roles in private, public and non-profit sectors related to social justice, including: local communities, NGOs, government, international organizations, the legal profession and academia.

In keeping with Toronto Metropolitan University’s tradition of being deeply connected to one of the world’s most culturally and linguistically diverse urban centres, our 3-semester MA emphasizes social justice and critical analyses of existing criminal justice, legal and social structures. It provides students with the theoretical, methodological and professional foundations required for understanding various forms of inequality as they intersect with the criminal justice system, and improving access to justice.

The MA in Criminology and Social Justice offers structured yet flexible options for pursuing advanced study. Our graduate program combines theoretical training in Criminology and socio-legal studies, with practical, real-world knowledge and experience. Optional field placement positions complement classroom learning and give students opportunities to apply knowledge while developing valuable networking, mentoring and career-related skills.